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The Best And Cheapest Way to Protect Your Valuables In A Burglary

The Best And Cheapest Way to Protect Your Valuables In A Burglary

No, not in the sock drawer!!

Today we will share with you some sad stories about homeowners who were burglarized and lost thousands of dollars in cash, jewelry and other valuables. In most, if not all, of these cases, a simple technique could have been used to protect the valuables. Here’s the skinny!

According to statistics kept by law enforcement officials, burglars spend on average 10 or 12 minutes inside a home looking for items to steal. Obviously in that period of time they cannot look everywhere, which is why diversion safes are so effective.

What are diversion safes, you ask?

They are common household products, usually from the kitchen, bathroom or garage, with hollowed out interiors big enough to hide smaller items of value such as cash, credit cards, jewelry and some even big enough to hide a handgun. They work on the premise of hiding things in “plain sight.”

In Melton, England a 73-year-old partially sighted widow’s home was burglarized while she was grieving from her late husband. The burglars stole sentimental jewelry and cash from the widow who had been married to her late husband for 25 years. Her daughter said: “We’re devastated. It’s just despicable and callous that someone could do this. They would have known what has happened but they had no regard for anyone’s feelings.”

In Lincoln, Nebraska $40,000.00 in cash and another almost $16,000.00 in jewelry was taken from a homeowner who didn’t even know it was stolen for over a month apparently. Police have no suspects at this time.

In the southern District of Hong Kong valuables worth about HK$160,000 were taken from a luxury home there. A 38-year-old businesswoman surnamed Wang who rented a property at Residence Bel-Air noticed that her safe was vandalized and that she couldn’t open it.

According to the woman, about HK$30,000 in Hong Kong currency, 20,000 renminbi and around HK$100,000 worth of jewelry has gone missing. Police were called in for inspection. The officers then found that there was a 15cm by 10cm hole at the back of the safe, and also discovered that the door lock at the kitchen was broken.

According to Chan Kwan-fong, operations director at safe manufacturer Safewell Equipment Ltd., the rear walls of many safes in the market are usually thinner than the sides due to welding issues.

From NBC in New York comes news that a founding member of the long-running “James Bond Gang” has been arrested. They had been targeting high-end homes in affluent neighborhoods across the tri-state area for years.

The group of burglars had been operating in New Jersey for years and expanded to Rockland County in 2013, according to police. At one burglary in Orangetown in early January, thieves lifted $30,000 worth of jewelry.

Authorities in New Jersey launched an investigation in 2014 after more than two dozen high-end homes in Bergen, Morris and Somerset counties were burglarized over a period of several months. The burglaries had many similarities and were identical in the manner in which they were carried out.

The homes, always in affluent neighborhoods, were likely targeted because of their size and the presence of expensive vehicles in the driveways. The residences were also located on or near a cul-de-sac and attacked on weekdays in the early evening hours when they were empty. Entry to the residences was often gained by forcing open the front doors. Once inside, the burglars proceeded to the master bedrooms and removed jewelry, cash and other property.

In most of the burglaries, pillow cases were taken from the residences and used to transport the stolen goods.

Upon further investigation, detectives learned the burglars would often rent high-end vehicles to blend into the communities they were targeting. Authorities found the burglars transported the stolen goods to New York and sold it to a “fence,” who paid large amounts of cash for the items. The group primarily used a jeweler from Queens who operates a business in midtown’s diamond district.

Anderson allegedly had an extensive role in the burglaries, prosecutors said. He faces charges of fencing and complicity to commit the offense of fencing. He is awaiting extradition from New York. Three suspects are currently being held in Bergen County Jail. Two have been released on bail.

The so-called “James Bond Gang” of robbers strikes again, now venturing out from New Jersey to hit New York’s suburbs. Police say at least seven homes have been hit in Rockland County in recent months.

In Athens, Georgia $10,900 worth of jewelry and cash were reportedly stolen during a burglary of a home. Athens-Clarke County police said thieves got into the house by prying open a back door and then got the valuables from a safe that was pried open.

In the Chicago, Illinois suburb of Aurora $5,700 in cash and jewelry was taken from a home by two teenager burglars who were caught on security camera.

An investigator who viewed the footage believed he was able to identify one of the suspects.

Police went to one suspect’s home around 10:40 a.m. and found him with a 14-year-old boy who officers believed to be his accomplice. Both were taken into custody.

In so many of these home burglaries where small, medium and large amounts of cash and jewelry are taken, homeowners don’t take any precautions to protect their property. It is a proven fact that burglars spend no more than 10-12 minutes inside a home looking for small valuables such as cash, jewelry, credit cards and even small handguns. They cannot look everywhere. That is why diversion safes are so effective.

diversion safe

We have 90 different Diversion Safes to choose from that can protect your smaller valuables by hiding them in “plain sight.”

What precautions do you take to protect your smaller valuables? Share your secrets with us. 

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