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Teen Relationship Violence-Where Does It Come From?

It has been estimated that as many as one in three high school students is in a relationship with someone who is abusive. According to the Center for Disease Control, that number puts it in the category of “epidemic”. In this article we will take a look at some of the signs of teen relationship violence and suggest some causes of it. With this understanding, perhaps you can help your teenage children avoid teen dating violence.

“The Domestic Violence and Child Advocacy Center says teen dating violence can include any form of sexual, physical, verbal, emotional, financial or digital abuse.”

Some signs you should know if your child is in abusive relationship are:

  1. their partner has trouble dealing with his or her anger.
  2. their partner acts out in a physical way by throwing objects and hitting things.
  3. they exhibit extreme jealousy, controlling behavior, quick involvement, unpredictable mood swings, alcohol and drug use, hypersensitivity and verbal abuse.
  4. he/she isolates you from your family and friends.
  5. they use force during an argument or threaten violence.
  6. they are mean to animals or small children.

And we have always maintained a major contributing factor to teen dating abuse is just a simple fact that young female teenagers have no frame of reference for what constitutes a healthy or unhealthy relationship. They don’t learn it at home, their peers and friends are no better off than they are so that’s no consolation and most schools do not teach this important subject.

But where does it come from? How does abusive behavior creep into young teenagers’ lives? Just about every professional on teenage behavior agrees. Abusive behavior of a partner at any age largely comes from learned behavior. Women learn it from their mothers, men learn it from their fathers.

The incidences of domestic abuse in American society are legendary and not in a good way.

Close to forty million women are involved in a relationship where domestic violence and physical abuse occurs.
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