Technology: Xtreme Life Covert Spy Cameras – Three New Models

What is “Xtreme life”? Leave it to the good folks at “SleuthGear” brand spy products to come up with something that nobody else has-one full year of battery life on a single charge. This makes these new spy cameras ideal for those covert operations where you have no power, can’t run wires or need a long-term operation from the spy camera.

Most battery-operated spy cameras can last maybe for five hours at the very most. “Xtreme life” spy cameras can give you 20 hours of continuous video action in the standard mode and one year of operation in standby mode. This makes these types of spy cameras ideal for home security where you need to see something that’s going on in your yard or your property or for business operations for a loading dock, warehouse operation or on the farm for livestock or crops. They all contain a lithium battery that is rechargeable. They are all capable of low light recording equivalent to a full moon on a clear night.

They all support up to 16 GB SD cards for data storage but a two GB SD card is included along with an AC adapter, two sets of RCA cables and a remote control. The cameras all have motion activated, standard and overwrite recording modes. It is the ideal camera for unusual situations where there may be no activity for weeks. During that time, the camera will be in sleep mode. When activity begins the motion activation feature turns on the recording features.

Here are some good examples of them.

First is the electrical box hidden camera. It looks just like a standard electrical box so no one would suspect it contains a hidden camera and DVR. For this reason it can be used in any business or commercial setting.

The next is the teddy bear hidden spy camera. This is the perfect nanny camera. It is a cuddly teddy bear with a pinhole lens spy camera and DVR inside that only records when there’s activity in front of it.

The third is a DVR Spy Camera This camera is water-resistant so can be used outdoors. It comes with power and video cables, the camera cable and remote control.

Those are three examples of the new breed of hidden cameras with “Xtreme life” long-lasting batteries. They can all function as nanny cameras and are sure to improve home security. They all bring an added dimension to the covert video recording industry.

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