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Technology – The Many Uses of Remote Surveillance for Home and Business Security

What is remote Internet surveillance? Basically it is the ability to see what your camera sees from anywhere in the world that there’s an Internet connection. You need specialized equipment for this of course, but it gives you amazing capabilities that are otherwise not available. It is the closest thing to being in two places at the same time as you will ever find. It has many useful home security and business security uses.

Recently there was a newspaper article about a man who owned a bowling alley which was under renovation. Because of that parts of it were not as secure as they should have been which made it easy for a burglar to get in. The bowling alley owner had surveillance equipment set up inside the shop and a remote Internet surveillance hook up so he could watch on his home computer.

One night as he was working at his home office he got a notification from his alarm company that the security had been breached in his store. He looked on his computer and saw someone lurking around inside the alley. He quickly called police who arrived on the scene within minutes and found a woman hiding underneath a table. She was in the process of stealing several items from the bowling alley.

Surprisingly, as the story went on, the owner wasn’t really that upset about it. He just said that it was part of doing business.

That is just one example of how remote Internet surveillance can help business owners but here are some other uses that you may find beneficial. It has many useful home security and business security uses.

How about being able to keep an eye on your nanny, babysitter and kids while you’re at work or even on vacation? Remote Internet surveillance enables you to do that and with some mobile devices like smart phones you don’t even need to be near a computer.

Do you own a vacation home or rent out a piece of real estate? It is helpful to keep an eye on that valuable property to ensure that it isn’t being abused. My daughter lives in Germany but she owns a home here in the United States that she rents out to some people who she feels are trustworthy. She had cameras installed before they left for Germany so she can keep an eye on what’s going on with the home both inside and outside without leaving her Bavarian home.

Any time you need another set of eyes, consider remote Internet surveillance. It gives you the capability of being in two places at the same time so to speak. It has many useful home security and business security uses.

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