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Technology – Five New DVR Spy Camera Models

What is “Zone Shield”?

“Zone Shield is a hidden video recording system that features secure playback and is built into working products. It uses proprietary software required to play back the captured video on an SD card. Zone Shield recorders use high-capacity SD cards with up to 32 GB storage capacity.” They provide an added measure of security supported by a high level of customer service and technical support customary with the “SleuthGear” brand of cameras.

Here are five new hidden spy cameras and with “Zone Shield” capability.

The first is a mantle clock hidden camera with DVR. It is a real working mantle clock that has infrared remote control operation. It has scheduled continuous, scheduled motion, scheduled alarm and panic recording modes-four modes in all to record. All video is date/time stamped. Playback can be made by the mantle clock itself or secure playback with bundled software. You can search for events or time recordings. This mantle clock spy camera will make a perfect nanny camera because it will fit into most home living environments.

The second is a working mini air purifier DVR hidden camera with motion activated recording. It has the capability of recording up to three days with a 32 GB optional SD card. It includes a 2 GB SD card, USB card reader, software disk, RCA cable and a remote control. Aim the air purifier in the direction you want to record and use the remote control to begin recording. This hidden camera can be used in almost any environment whether it’s a home, office or business.

The third is a wall clock DVR hidden camera that has three recording modes of continuous, scheduled or motion activated. It is an attractive looking working wall clock that can fit into any environment making it an excellent hidden spy camera.

The fourth “Zone Shield” spy camera is the DVD Spy Camera with DVR. It is a real working DVD player that can fit into any home or commercial application. If you need to find an employee who’s stealing from you, this DVR spy camera disguised as a DVD player may be a way to do it. No one would ever suspect that they are being recorded by an innocent looking DVD player.

And the fifth “Zone Shield” spy camera is an iPod dock that plays music from your favorite iPod. Inside is a hidden camera and DVR that records to a 2 GB SD card that is upgradable to a 32 GB card. The recorded video can be downloaded using the RCA cable or insert the SD card into your PC.

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