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Tasers A Must For Police

Tasers A Must For Police

In one of our best stories we did last year we explained the difference between A Stun Gun And A Taser®. Law enforcement officers use Tasers which, in layman terms, is a stun gun on steroids.

In today’s article we are again using articles out of today’s headlines to explain how effective one of our products is-today it’s the Taser.

A 2011 Department of Justice study on Police Use of Force, Tasers and Other Less-Lethal Weapons is based primarily on “A Multi-Method Evaluation of Police Use of Force Outcomes,” final report to the National Institute of Justice, in July of 2010. The study’s most significant finding is that the use of pepper spray and control of electronic devices (CED’s) also known as Tasers can significantly reduce injuries to suspects and the use of CED’s can decrease injuries to officers.

Tasers shoot out two probes that are attached to electrified wires with 50,000 volts of electricity. The electricity stuns and temporarily disables people by causing involuntary muscle contractions making them easier to arrest or subdue.

How safe are Tasers? Despite all the dangers and hoopla, most CED shocks produce no serious injuries as confirmed by a Wake Forest University study. In that study researchers found that 99.7% of people who were shocked by a Taser gun suffered no injuries or only minor injuries. A small number received significant injuries or lethal injuries.

We want to point out that Tasers are used by over 16,000 law enforcement agencies in the United States with some 500,000 users associated with law enforcement. In addition there are at least 12 foreign countries that use Tasers as their primary means of nonlethal law enforcement in the continuum of force. These numbers are growing day by day.

Our first article today comes from Tulsa, Oklahoma where the Tulsa police department foundation has donated
100 Tasers to the Tulsa Police Department (TPD). The chief of police for the TPD said “this will keep our citizens and our officers safer.”

The chief added “it is just another tool on the gun belt they carry and keeps them from using deadly force.” The use of Tasers by the TPD brought national attention this past year when a reserve officer was charged with second-degree manslaughter. Deputy Robert Bates, who is 74 years old, was volunteering on the task force. He was conducting an undercover gun sales sting. Eric Harris-the target of the gun sale sting-was shot when Bates said he mistakenly took his revolver for his Taser.

As you may know, Tasers fire electric probes that can deliver current to disrupt voluntary control of muscles incapacitating a person. The nonlethal weapon can de-escalate conflict and reduce injuries suffered by police and the public according to Tulsa police Sgt. Rohloff.

This article pointed out that in the last 10 years there has been 30 officers killed in the United States with many others wounded with their own gun because in every call a police officer goes to there is a gun-his own.

In England recently there was a stabbing by a suspected terrorist of a passerby which prompted Prime Minister David Cameron to call for more Tasers to be given to police officers to help bring down attackers. The incident came days after parliament voted to extend their strike against Isil into Syria and raise new questions about the police’s ability to counter terror attacks. Two months ago in Oxfordshire police used a Taser to stop a man who fatally stabbed a father of two.

In the Bay Area in San Francisco, California this article talks about the irony of the situation two years ago where the police chief made the case for Tasers for his officers before city Council and was summarily shut down. Now two years later those same naysayers are calling for better measures for the police to deal with dangerous suspects.

Police Use Of Tasers is a documented way for law enforcement to do their job without the use of deadly force. The issue came to light again in the face of the Mario Woods shooting recently. Woods was shot 15 times when he failed to obey a “drop the weapon” order from police. He was carrying a knife.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is calling for better training for police officers to distinguish when they can and should use a gun and is saying that police are too quick to fire their weapons. He is pledging that every police patrol car will be equipped with the Taser by June of this year. This incident came to a head after a police officer shot 17-year-old the Laquan McDonald 16 times. McDonald was also carrying a knife.

In another story that we did entitled ‘A Taser Is A Stun Gun But A Stun Gun Is Not Necessarily A Taser’ we explained in more detail the difference between a regular stun gun and a Taser. It is a great explanation and we encourage you to check it out!

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Do you own a Taser? What is your reason for not owning a Taser? Share your thoughts with us please!

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