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Tales Of Self-Defense

Tales Of Self-Defense

We love sharing stories with our readers about incidents where people, mostly women we might add, have used self-defense products to protect themselves and ward off assailants. Here we will share with you three more stories about people using pepper sprays to defend themselves.

Our first story comes from Portland, Oregon and is about a woman assaulted in a parking lot. The victim was walking to her car in her apartment complex parking lot at 9:45 in the evening so there weren’t many people around to witness it. The victim sprayed the man with pepper spray which made him run away into the woods nearby. The victim then drove herself to the hospital for treatment. Police had a K-9 unit searched the nearby area but with no luck.

In Southern California, a restaurant customer pepper sprayed a fellow customer after reportedly being assaulted by him. According to police, an intoxicated customer at a pizza restaurant was being verbally abusive to employees and was pepper sprayed by another customer. The victim told police that the suspect approached him and grabbed his shirt and raised his fist as if to strike her. That’s when she pepper sprayed the suspect.

In another story from the same police report, a Ukiah, California man suspected of leaving Applebee’s without paying for his meal was pepper-sprayed during his arrest last week, the Ukiah Police Department reported. When officers responded, they found the suspect, identified as a 41-year-old Mendocino man/Ukiah transient, in a vehicle parked in the Wal-Mart parking lot. When they questioned him about the theft, he reportedly became combative, and officers used pepper spray to bring him under control.

In this story from NBC news, a Cleveland, Ohio judge gave an assault victim a chance to even the score.  An assault suspect who pepper-sprayed the victim in the face at a fast-food restaurant received similar treatment in court as punishment from a Cleveland-area judge embracing the principle of “an eye for an eye.” The judge gave the perpetrator the choice of being pepper sprayed or serving 30 days in jail. The judge wimped out, in our opinion, and said that he couldn’t really allow pepper spray in his courtroom but used saline spray instead.

The judge has a reputation for occasionally doling out unusual sentences.
“I do whatever I think will prevent a person from coming back in the courts again.” We say “good for you judge!”

We have close to 200 pepper sprays in our store. Of those, 105 of them are the most popular kind-keychain pepper sprays.

Have you ever used pepper spray in your self-defense? Please share your self-defense secrets with us.

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