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Spy Camera Sun Glasses – Three Popular Models

For decades hidden cameras have been one of the most effective spy gadgets on the market. Spy cameras and hidden cameras are covert ways of catching people doing things they shouldn’t be doing. Spy glasses and spy sun glasses are some of the best spy gadgets you will ever find. Take an ordinary pair of sun glasses and install a hidden camera and you have a pair of spy sun glasses.

Of course, it’s not that easy. You can’t do it yourself, but there are several models on the market today that are very good.

No one would ever suspect that they are being recorded while looking at you wearing a pair of ordinary sun glasses. That is what makes them such effective spy cameras. Inside each one of these spy camera sunglasses is a DVR that can record both audio and video. They are all easy to download using a USB cable.

Here are what we consider to be the best three models of spy camera sunglasses.

The first is the Spy Camera Sunglasses with DVR. It has very high-resolution and a built-in DVR with 4 GB of memory that is expandable to 8 GB. It has a rechargeable battery that powers the DVR up to five hours. The sun glasses have a high quality polarized look, light weight and very stylish. Hidden inside is a DVR that records audio and video or you can take still pictures. Once the video is recorded, to play it back, use the USB cable. You can use these spy glasses anywhere that you need to take pictures or video but don’t want to use a camera. It is the ultimate spy tool for private investigators, secret shoppers, security guards or police officers.

The second is the Spy Camera Sunglasses DVR MP3 player. It has 2 GB of internal memory for 100 minutes of video or 64 hours of audio. It can store still photos as well.

Our favorite is the Spy Camera Sunglasses. This popular spy gadget records video in high-resolution. The glasses have a battery that is rechargeable and 4 GB of built-in memory. It comes with a hardshell carrying case, glass cloth, and a power adapter.

Those are three of the best models of spy camera sunglasses. One might be just right for you.

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