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Smart Home Alarm System-Product Review

With home burglary rearing its ugly head more every day, victimizing one out of every six homes on an annual basis, it is no wonder that home security products, including home security systems, are a hot commodity for homeowners. In this article we will do a product review of the new smart home wireless alarm system by SecurityMan Brand. It is more expensive than many of other home security systems or home alarm systems for burglary prevention, but it can do so much more than any of them which makes it worth the extra money.

This home wireless alarm system has an auto dialer that can dial up to five preselected phone numbers and has a do-it-yourself wireless LED touchpad entry alarm system. It offers up to 60 wireless motion detectors with as many as four sensors per zone and as many as 15 defense zones.

The system comes with the Air-AlarmII host, LED touchpad and integrated siren fixed position host anchor card, one wireless wide-angle PIR motion detector, two wireless remote controllers, a wireless smoke sensor, one magnetic door/window sensor, a USB charging cable and a phone cable.

The Wireless Alarm System comes with an optional third party management center of your choice to monitor your system. The wireless transmission of 300 feet for doorbells, sirens and remote controllers and 450 feet of wireless transmission for window/door sensors and PIR motion sensors. The system is password-protected for increased security and has an adjustable alarm for silent or audible mode. If the phone line should become disconnected for any reason, there is an alert sent out every five seconds.

The system is compatible with Vonage VoIP model VDV22-VD and Verizon home phone connect box or any analog landline.

An add-on wireless panic button is available that can provide safety for elderly to dial out to family members or caretakers in the event of an emergency. This panic button works up to 450 feet away from the main unit.

Also available is an add-on PIR wide angle wireless motion sensor that can detect motion in a 33′ x 33′ room and automatically eliminates pets weighing up to 22 pounds. There is also a 105 dB indoor siren and a wireless doorbell-all that work up to 300 feet away from the main unit. You may want to get this add-on Outdoor Siren sounds a 120 dB alarm up to 300 feet away from the main unit when activated.

Also available is an add on stand-alone wireless smoke sensor that requires one 9 volt battery and has a wireless transmission up to 300 feet in open space. It covers an area of 66 feet square and sounds a 70 dB alarm when smoke is detected using a photoelectric smoke detector.

That is a product review of one of the newest entries into the product line of home security burglary prevention tools-the Smart Home Alarm System.

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