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Simple Security Solutions – Use Lighting to Make Your Home Safer

Statistics show that burglars have three enemies when it comes to breaking into your house. Time is the first one. The more time it takes to break into your house the more likely the burglar is to get caught. Consequently, the less he will pursue the burglary if it takes more than a few minutes.

Noise is the second one. If a burglar does break into your house and there is an alarm he will be startled by it and chances are he will leave. He doesn’t want the attention a loud security alarm will bring.

The third enemy of a burglar for burglary prevention is home lighting; either exterior lighting or interior lighting-preferably both. Security lighting can be a great way to improve your home security and work towards burglary prevention.

When the bad guys see lights on inside a house, or lights randomly going on and off, they make the assumption that people are at home. So they move onto another target. There is a device called a programmable random timer that can randomly program up to 20 different lights and/or appliances such as a TV or radio giving the external appearance that someone is in the house.

Another popular device screws into any light socket and will automatically turn the light on if the ambient light goes below a certain level. Other devices for home lighting or security lighting include timers that will turn lights on when programmed.

One of the most effective home security devices for exterior lighting is the Spotlight Spy Camera. It is a powerful security light that is motion activated and completely weatherproof. It only goes on when someone goes in front of it. It has a 120° viewing range up to 90 feet away. All images are recorded to an SD card for easy viewing. There is a feature that allows for the oldest video to be deleted so new video can be added.

Security lighting is a great way to improve your home security. Home lighting, especially exterior lighting, goes a long way to sending a message to the bad guys to pick on somebody else.

The Programmable Random Timer can randomly program to give the appearance that someone is home.

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