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Shooting Stun Guns – Characteristics and Details

Taser International has dominated the shooting stun gun market for nonlethal self-defense products for nearly 20 years. They deserve a lot of credit for leading the way. Their products are sold literally all over the world as a primary means for law enforcement officers to gain control of suspects that are non-compliant to verbal orders. With the introduction of the C2 taser about a decade ago, they made more inroads into the civilian market. The C2 was primarily designed for women for their personal safety and personal security.

But their age of dominance appears to be over with new shooting stun guns being introduced that have some remarkable similarities to Taser products.

Here we will compare some characteristics of shooting stun devices. They all shoot out a cartridge that is attached to wires that generate low voltage and high amperage to disable an assailant. They shoot out to approximately 15 feet or slightly more and they all operate as a regular stun device once the cassette or cartridge is deployed.

The first one the “dual defense shooting stun gun” sells for $290 retail. Replacement cartridges are $89.95 which makes them much more expensive for replacements than their competitors. This model shoots up to 17 feet away and has a safety switch to prevent accidental firing. The manufacturers claim that this can disable an assailant for as much is 15 minutes and that the cassette barbs can penetrate leather. This product is relatively new and remains untested. No background check is necessary for this device because it is more like a real stun gun.

The next device called the “Phazzer Dragon” uses 80,000 volts and 2 Milli-amps for 10 second cycles that can disable an assailant up to 15 feet away. No background check is required for this product. It is fully operational upon arrival. It sells for $355 with replacement cartridges costing $49.95 for a two pack. It includes a blue training cartridge so you can get used to the feel. It also has a durable nylon holster and an integrated ultra-bright LED flashlight. The cartridges are compatible with taser M 26 models. It also has the wrist strap safety pin.

The grandfather of them all, the Taser C2 shoots out two barbs up to 15 feet away using a timed 30 second electrical pulse to disable an assailant with astonishing effectiveness-nearly 100%. It is the only one of these products, so far at least, that has a LED laser site included. You must be able to pass a background check first before it can be activated. It is not legal in all states. It costs $360 for the least expensive model with replacement cartridge two packs costing $49.95.

Of all the products for self -defense, stun guns are a favorite for personal safety and personal security. Shooting stun guns add another dimension.

The Taser X26C has a range of 15 feet and has more features than any other civilian taser model.

We have 17 models of Shooting Stun Guns to choose from.

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