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Self-Defense The Best Ways To Protect Yourself Against A Sexual Assault

According to the US Department of Justice’s national crime victimization survey a sexual assault is committed every 2 minutes in the United States. The sad thing is that sexual assault is still one of the most underreported crimes with an estimated close to 60% unreported. Out of every 100 rapes, approximately 40 get reported and of that 40 only nine get prosecuted, five get convicted and three go to prison. All this according to DOJ statistics.

So the long and short of it is only three out of every hundred rapists ever go to jail. Do you think people who tend to be rapists don’t know this and so continue to do their crime without any recriminations of time in jail?

These same statistics from the Department of Justice show that 73% of all sexual assaults were committed by someone known to the victim, with 28% of those being an intimate partner. Well over 50% of all sexual assaults occur within 1 mile of the house or at the house. According to RAINN 44% of the victims are under 18, 80% are under the age of 30.

There are 17.8 million students in universities or colleges and well over half of them are women. That represents a big pool of women in the United States. The statistics for college-age women are even worse for sexual assault than the general population with only as few as one out of every 10 sexual assaults being reported, and 90% of the incidents are committed by someone the victim knows.

As with the general population, alcohol or drug use is a major component of sexual assault on a college campus with roughly 70% of all sexual assaults reporting drug or alcohol usage.

There is no such thing as a profile of a rapist however the average age is 31 years old and more than likely he’s not a serial rapist, but a serial criminal. “46% of rapists who were released from prison were re-arrested within 3 years of their release for another crime.”

Women can defend themselves by taking a basic self-defense course; and we always recommend that women everywhere carry a self-defense product with them literally wherever they go, because women are subjected to nine times more assaults than men.

Women need self-defense products like stun guns and pepper sprays to temporarily disable an assailant with a less than lethal weapon. A pepper spray that is on a keychain is our best recommendation for women because that way it is more than likely with you at all times.

The Fox Labs keychain Hard Shell Spray is one of the most potent and popular sprays.

We offer 80 different Keychain Pepper Sprays. One of them will be just right for you.

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