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Self-Defense Products for Runners, Walkers, and Cyclists

Many perverts who get their kicks by attacking women think that women are particularly vulnerable when they’re out exercising. Women who are walkers, runners and cyclists often go in the early morning or late evening hours after they are done with their work. Those are times when most running, walking and cycling paths are fairly deserted so an assailant may feel slightly emboldened.

But self-defense product manufacturers are highly in tune with their customers so they have developed self-defense products specifically for walkers, runners and cyclists to improve their self-defense and their personal safety.

Here are several products that are specifically designed for walkers, runners and cyclists to keep them safe while they are exercising no matter the time of day or night.

The first is the Sabre brand pink runner spray that has a comfortable pink hand strap which makes for easy carrying. It also comes in black. It has a ballistic stream delivery that reduces wind blowback and has a range of 10 feet with 10% concentration of oleoresin capsicum. The 3/4 ounce container has enough for 35 shots of spray.

The second product that’s also by Sabre brand is called ‘Duathlete.’ It is the same strength pepper spray with the unique device that straps it to your bicep with a tear away strap for easy access. This product has a range of 15 feet.

And the next is by Mace brand that features two 1 pound walking weights that contain pepper spray. This way you can get some aerobic exercise and still feel safe. Walking weights are a proven way to get your heart rate up and great for weight loss. Each 1 pound weight contains enough pepper spray for 12 half-second bursts up to 10 feet away. There is even a storage compartment in one of them for keys and money. The grips are covered with foam for comfort and ease of carrying with a built-in strap.

One of the most effective is a multi-use Runner Defense Product that combines a powerful pepper spray, ear-piercing 125 dB alarm and a blinding strobe light all in a package that has easy carrying methods with different accessories.

Then there’s the Sabre cyclist bicycle spray with a full strength pepper spray that has a 10-foot range and a unique Velcro strap that you attach to your bicycle frame. It also has a ballistic stream that reduces wind blowback.

Those are five ways for walkers, runners or cyclists to protect themselves with self-defense products while they are out recreating. They can improve their self-defense and personal safety as well.

The Bicycle Pepper Spray attaches to your bike frame and is great self-defense against humans and dogs while cycling.

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