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Self-Defense: New Disguised Stun Guns-Three Models

There is one thing that amazes us about the self-defense products industry and that is the advances in technology which allow for smaller and yet more powerful stun devices. Disguised stun guns are a good example.

In this article we will take a look at three new stun gun self-defense products that women love for female self-defense and personal safety.

Stun guns are very effective nonlethal self-defense weapons that are “handheld battery-powered devices designed to deliver an electric shock to an attacker.” When activated, the two or more prongs on the end of the device conduct an electrical current that goes from probe to probe creating a loud and very visual display that is quite intimidating.

When the electricity is applied to an assailant the “pulsed current causes muscles to work superfast depleting it of all blood sugars.” This electrical application also causes disorientation and loss of balance because of the disruption of the neurological stimulus. The result – the assailant has no energy left to harm you and remains that way for 5 to 10 minutes.

The first one on our list of disguised stun guns is this 3,000,000 volt Stun Master Lipstick Stun Device that comes in black, pink and purple. It looks just like a tube of lipstick that women carry with them virtually everywhere, but it is a powerful stun device with 4.1 milliamps for a stronger impact on an assailant. It has a built-in flashlight and uses a rechargeable battery that has a wall charger. Because it’s a Stun Master product, it has a lifetime warranty.

The second new stun gun that is especially effective for female self-defense and personal safety is this 8.5 million volt Police Force brand Stun Flashlight that comes in black and gun gray. It utilizes triple stun technology sending out three separate electrical sparks for a much more intimidating sound and visual display. Any assailant would back away from the sight of this charged stun device. The housing is made of shockproof military grade aluminum alloy to withstand the rigors of heavy use. It has a very bright LED light which can illuminate a target and temporarily blind him. It is only 6 ½ inches long and also has a lifetime warranty. And oh, BTW, it is completely rechargeable.

And the third new disguised stun gun is this Streetwise brand 3.5 million volt Perfume Protector that comes in pink, black and purple. It looks just like any other perfume container, but this one packs a punch for female self-defense and personal safety. It uses a recharging cord to power up this lightweight device. It also has a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

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