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Self Defense: Introducing Guard Dog Brand Pepper Sprays and Stun Devices

In the world of self-defense products the brand name Guard Dog may not be familiar to you. They are a relatively new entry into the world of products used for self-defense that are nonlethal in nature, but they are backed by 15 years of industry experience with Skyline USA headquartered in Winter Springs, Florida.

Their management team provides product development and is shaping the company to become an industry leader in personal safety and personal security. Their main products are 18% pepper sprays and stun devices that are more powerful than the industry average. We will review their main products here.

They have introduced several new innovations into the industry. Included among those are stun devices with six prongs on one end as opposed to the normal two and tactical flashlights that all have glass breaker ends for emergency use.

They introduced a program called “Guard Dog Protected 4 Life.” Where implemented, this program enables the purchaser to get free pepper spray for life from an authorized retailer. This program is not available from all retailers or distributors.

Their stun devices range from 1,000,000 to 5,000,000 volts with the majority in the 3,000,000 to 4,000,000 volt range making them some of the most powerful stun devices in the marketplace. They are all rechargeable which saves you money on batteries. All of their stun devices come with a free 18% concentration pepper spray and premium leather carrying case.

Their pepper sprays are all 18% concentration of oleoresin capsicum. Almost all of their pepper sprays have keychain attachments which is the most popular model of spray. It enables you to carry it literally wherever you go. They all have a premium soft grain leather case.

Their two most popular stun devices are the disguised smart phone stun device which is 3.8 million volts and a tactical stun flashlight. The smart phone stun gun is in response to a recent survey that showed that close to 40% of all robberies were of smart phones. This stun gun is fully rechargeable has a built-in flashlight and comes with a premium leather carrying case.

They have a powerful 5,000,000 volt tactical stun flashlight that was previously used only by law enforcement. It is a powerful 320 lumen flashlight inside an anti-roll body made of type III aircraft grade aluminum. It features one-handed operation for all functions and comes with a premium leather grade holster.

If you are looking for a stun gun or pepper spray, you should look at the Guard Dog family of self-defense products. They are all high quality products with many innovative features for your personal security and personal safety.

The disguised Smart Phone Stunner is 3.8 million volts and looks just like a smart phone.

The popular Diablo Tactical Flashlight is 5 million volts and 320 lumens to light the way.

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