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Self-Defense for Women: Preventing Potential Assaults

Women walking alone

While violent crime rates throughout the United States have decreased over the past few decades, violence against women still remains high. It’s an unfortunate fact that women are preferred targets of assaults, with 90% of committed, reported assaults against female victims.

Men might be unaware of this reality, but most women are; women understand that they are, at some point in their lives, going to be the target of an assault, whether it’s a robbery in a dark alley, an attempted rape on a college campus, or domestic violence taking place within a marriage.

This unsightly reality is all the proof needed for a woman to understand that self-defense is a must. Due to a lack of protection elsewhere, women need to prepare themselves, making themselves ready to defend themselves against any possible assaults.

Due to this reality, it’s recommended that women carry safety devices at all times or that they partake in a “self-defense for women” class. Both are excellent ways for women to either have the devices to protect themselves or the necessary knowledge to escape a possibly violent situation. Paired together, a woman is sure to have the tools and knowledge to keep themselves safe at all times.

pepper spray or tear gas for self-defense by woman

Interested in how you can protect yourself? Looking to provide your daughter, wife, or female friend with tips on how to defend themselves against possible assaults? Consider showing them the following tips so they can understand the finer details of self-defense.

1. Take a self-defense class. Whether it’s an introductory class or a specific class of self-defense for women, you can learn a lot from getting the basics down. Available through a nearby community center, police department, college campus, or YMCA, you can receive the right training to keep yourself safe while out in public. We especially recommend reaching out to a mixed-martial-arts (MMA) gym, as they might provide some of the best tips.

2. Carry a self-defense weapon with you at all times. While you can learn the basics of self-defense moves and procedures, it’s even better to have self-defense weapons such as pepper spray or stun gun in your purse. If you’re looking for something more lethal, you can consider carrying a gun or knife, although you should be properly trained to use these devices.

3. Remain aware of your surroundings. One of the first ways you can be targeted is by seeming inattentive while out in public. Watch the strangers around you and look for escape routes in case they’re needed.

4. Be wary of strangers, even if you feel sympathetic. People often target women with emotional stories, hoping they’ll help, and thus making them vulnerable. Consider treating stories with a grain of salt.

5. Walking in the dark, either through a hallway, stairwell, or parking lot. Constantly be on guard. You never know who might be lurking around the corner, so you should be ready to react and protect yourself.

Single girl with umbrella at night alley

6. The buddy system is very effective; there is strength in numbers. Whether you’re heading out shopping, partying, or walking around town, consider bringing a friend along with you. If you have a dog, bring your dog with you whenever possible—assailants are more likely to avoid interactions that might bring attention to them, such as a barking dog.

7. Aggressors tend to target women whose hands are full. Just left off shopping for clothes or finished doing groceries? It might make you a target. Keep your hands free. It will make it easier to fend off an attacker if they decide to approach you.

8. If you feel an attack is imminent, yell at the top of your lungs. Tell the assailant to “back off.” Sometimes your voice can be enough to bring attention to what’s happening, which will cause an attacker to flee.

9. Know when to use force when necessary. Many assailants tend to not carry weapons on them, particularly for the charges that can come with it. A self-defense weapon can help to ward off an attacker when necessary.

The tips above are bits of knowledge to keep in mind. Unfortunately, women are targeted, but they can take measures to protect themselves. Whether you’re in need of personal safety devices or self-defense weapons, Home Security Superstore has you covered, providing you with the tools to keep yourself safe. 

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