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Self Defense: Comparing Pepper Sprays: Overview of Wildfire, Fox and Streetwise Brands

Pepper sprays have long been regarded as the favored self-defense product for women and their personal protection. Part of the reason for that is because they’re relatively inexpensive and yet very effective-close to 90% on average. But there are many dozens of manufacturers with hundreds of products to choose from so it can be a daunting task choosing the best one for your self-defense.

Here we’re going to compare and contrast features and capabilities of three popular brands: Wildfire, Streetwise and Fox Labs.

Just for some background, all pepper sprays use oleoresin capsicum or OC as a basis for their spray and a common measure of hotness is called Scoville Heat Units or SHU.

Wildfire sprays-are distinguishable from other products in a few ways. They use an 18% concentration of oleoresin capsicum instead of the usual 10 % that most others use and they use 3 million SHU’s while most others are 2 million. So they are hotter in that regard. They have a good selection of products with a 36 month shelf life and are all made in the USA.

Fox brands– are used by police, law enforcement, security and military units worldwide. Their sprays have 5.3 million SHU’s and have a longer range than most pepper sprays. They are a little bit more expensive but in our opinion are worth it. They have a three-year shelf life with a manufacture date stamped on each container. It is the only pepper spray that claims to be taser compatible and nonflammable.

Streetwise brands-are made in the USA and all have a 48 month shelf life. They have a wide variety of products in two different strengths. One is called Streetwise 18 and the other is Streetwise 23. They use an independent laboratory to test their products and all have a certified heat rating or CHR. The Streetwise 18 Products have a CHR of 180,000 or 46% hotter than competing brands which have an average CHR of 123,000 SHU’s. It is derived from 4 million SHU’s. Streetwise 23 is 230,000 CHR or 87% hotter than competing brands. This is derived from 5 million SHU’s. Streetwise brand has the largest selection of products next to Mace brand which is the biggest.

Whatever brand or specific product of pepper spray you choose you can know that it is going to provide close to 90% effective personal protection and cause no long-lasting damage to the assailant.

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