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Security-Flashlights That Are Different

Nearly everyone knows what a flashlight is and just about everybody has used one at some time or other. In this article we will take a look at some flashlights that are different from what you normally think of.
The first one is called the Inferno Stun Flashlight. The light source is from an ultra-bright LED bulb. The four prongs produce two electrical arches with 6 million volts of power! It has a rubberized armor coating for a no slip grip. The safety cap easily slips on and off to protect prongs from any damage. There is an accidental discharge security switch so you don’t stun yourself. It is fully rechargeable and includes a recharging cable and holster. Like all other Guard Dog products, it comes with a free 18% concentration pepper spray canister. It has a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. This is the perfect self-defense product to carry in your car as an emergency light source and for personal security.

The second one is a Blue/White LED flashlight that has six LED lights with two light modes white and blue. Blue LED lights are used by hunters in foggy areas and to track blood from wounded animals. White LED lights can be seen from over a mile away. This flashlight is powered by two Energizer AA batteries and has a lifetime warranty.

This Tactical Flashlight light source has two settings of momentary activation and continuous high/low. It has 275 lumens on high output and 30 lumens on low output. It operates on three AAA Energizer batteries and has an antiroll tactical tail that prevents the flashlight from rolling away. It is only 6 inches long and comes with pocket clip and holster. It alo is an excellent emergency light source.

This Underwater Floodlight is completely waterproof up to a depth of 33 feet. It uses a crank to power the device. It can be used as a power source to recharge low voltage devices such as GPS units and cell phones. It has three light settings of spotlight, floodlight and flashing. It comes with a wrist lanyard which makes carrying easy. When it is fully charged the spotlight can run for 60 hours floodlight for 8 hours continuously and 10 hours as a flashing light. When used as a floodlight the LED will last close to 80,000 hours.

Those are some details on some unusual specialized new flashlights that you may find useful one day.

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