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Schemes and Scams Thieves Use To Commit Home Burglary

Self-defense, general personal security and home security tips come from a variety of sources including a great deal that we get from Neighborhood Watch. These particular tips came from one of my neighbors who told me some tidbits that you may or may not have heard of before.

In this article we will pass along these notes in the hopes that they will make you aware of these potential problems and keep you safe from home burglary.

The first one concerns long-term parking anywhere, but mostly at airports. Many of these facilities are not secured very well, so vehicles are subject to break-ins. She had heard of a case where a car was broken into and the vehicle registration as well as a garage door opener which was in the glove box was taken. The registration had the home address of the car owners. Having a car broken into was one thing but when they got to their home they found the garage door open and thousands worth of valuables taken. Moral of the story: do not leave your registration or insurance card in your car. You are required to have it with you but not necessarily in your car.

The next one concerned a football fan that had his car broken into while at a football game. A remote control for the garage door, a GPS and some money were taken. The GPS guided the thieves to the house and the thieves used the remote control to open the garage door. It was the same story. It was bad enough that the car was broken into, but the thieves knew that they had until the football game was over to clean out the house. Moral of that story: don’t put your home address or coordinates into your GPS system.

In a very creative and elaborate scam, a woman had her purse stolen out of her grocery cart while she was shopping. She reported it to the store manager. When the woman got home, she got a phone call from the “store security office” saying that they had her purse and she could pick it up. When she got to the store the store security officer said that he had made no such call. It was just a mean, ugly ruse to get the lady out of the house so the home could be a burglarized.

With all the high-tech devices available these days for home security, you would think that burglars would be stymied. Some products for home security send out security alerts notifying you of a breach in your home’s security when a home burglary is in progress.

This Photo Express Auto Dialer detects motion, sounds an alarm then snaps up to 2 photos instantaneously, then can text you of a burglary in progress.

This system has four Wireless Cameras that have a view of 300 feet. When motion is detected an email alert is sent.

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