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Scams And Fraud-Safety Tip Of The Week

Holidays are here that commonly involve gift giving, socializing, and feasting. People during this time of year tend to shop more, go out more, and receive deliveries more than usual. Please remember that criminals are skilled at taking advantage during this time and during these activities.

Crimes common during this time of year include robbery, theft, vehicle break-in, and burglaries. There are other types of crimes that seem to pop up during the holidays that potential victims may not be thinking about: Fraud and Scams.

Criminals are creative about coming up with ways to get people to part with their money without resorting to violence. Frauds and Scams can occur through the mail, over the telephone, through email, and in person. To prevent financial fraud or being scammed out of money, follow these guidelines:

1. Do not open the door for anyone you do not know or for anyone you are not expecting.

2. Verify the identity of delivery drivers, utility/phone and other service workers prior to opening the door.

3. Do not open the door for salespersons or allow door to door salespersons into your home.

4. Do not give out your personal or financial information to anyone over the phone, in person, or through mail/email unless you initiated the contact.

5. Do not donate money or items to anyone claiming to be a charity unless you have verified they are legitimate.

6. If you are contacted with news that you “won” something, do not pay any money or give out your credit card information in order to receive your “prize”. If you truly win something you will not be asked to pay any fees and do not have to give out your financial information.

7. If you are delivered a “gift” there will be no money due upon delivery. You do not have to pay a delivery fee if someone sends you a gift, do not pay delivery fees or give out your credit card information.

8. Do not send money to a loved one, family member, friend, or anyone else you know in response to an email or phone call saying that they need help, are stranded and need money, etc. unless you can speak to them and personally verify that this is true.

Feedback on these posts is appreciated. Please share your experience. We want to hear your thoughts.

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