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Safety Tip Of The Week-Auto Safety Devices

A lot of people I know spend two to four hours a day in their car. Now admittedly with all the mobile devices that are around these days like cell phones and other mobile devices it is a lot better to stay in touch in an emergency than it used to be. But there are some things that you should have in your car as Auto safety devices in the event of an emergency-just in case!!

The first is the Diablo Tactical Flashlight-it is a 4.5 million volt stun device disguised as a flashlight. Or should we say it’s a high quality very durable flashlight disguised as a stun gun.

Either way it is a high quality product that can protect you as a flashlight and as a stun device.

Second is the Car Spy Camera DVR that can record accident footage that can provide on the spot proof of fault and liability to a police officer in high resolution clarity.

And finally the Emergency Flashing Triangle that contains nine flashing lights inside a reflective plastic triangle which is easy to store and can be seen from a half mile away.

Check out our other Auto Safety Devices that you should have in your car for emergencies.

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