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Protect Your Home During the Holidays with These Tips

Protect Your Home During the Holidays with These Tips

Are you feeling nervous about leaving your home unattended this holiday season? You’re not alone! As much fun as it is to visit grandma’s house or go on your annual ski vacation, leaving your home vulnerable is never easy. Fortunately, there are ways to fortify your home against theft that won’t cost a fortune. Most DIY methods are easy to install and cost less than $200. At The Home Security Superstore, we believe in keeping your home protected at all times, so here are some holiday home safety tips:

Give the Appearance of Your Presence

Just because you’re not home doesn’t mean everyone has to know your property is temporarily vacant. Paused newspaper deliver is just the beginning. You should also hire someone to plow your driveway and put a few lights on a timer. A lamp timer that goes on at 4 pm and off at 10 pm will make it seem like someone is around. If you have someone checking on the property, ask them to reset the timer slightly each day so the lights are going on and off at a different time each day. You may also want to put up a security sticker, which tells potential unwanted visitors that your property is being monitored around the clock by a professional service…even if it’s not.  

Remotely View Your Property

The next step to safety during the holidays is making sure you have eyes on your home whenever you want to. Set up some motion-sensor alarms and cameras on your entrances. You’ll be notified when someone shows up on your doorstep and can check in from your mobile device. Some motion detector Wi-Fi cameras even let you hear and speak to the people on your porch. You can tell people to get lost, even when you’re across the country – they don’t need to know you’re not right upstairs! You’ll be able to contact authorities in minutes if someone proceeds to break in and provide an accurate physical description thanks to your live stream. 

Lock Away Your Valuables

Even if you try to trick burglars into thinking you’re at home and you install new alarms, it’s still smart to lock away your valuables in hidden safes. Your family jewelry, passport, and flash drives can’t easily be replaced – if at all. Home safes can be hidden in a wall or under floorboards to give you the best chance of throwing thieves off the scent. Even better, many safes are fireproof and floodproof. On top of knowing your belongings are protected from theft, you can sleep easy knowing a broken pipe won’t destroy your family photos while you’re away. 

Reinforce Your Deadbolts

Finally, you should take an inventory of your deadbolt situation any time you plan on leaving during the holidays. A few simple upgrades could make the difference between presenting a door that can be easily picked and thwarting a break-in. Put up a few Lock Lockers on your main entry points to secure your house or apartment while you’re away, and you could instantly stop yourself from being an easy target. 

Are you ready to secure your property while you’re visiting family and friends out of town this year? With these holiday security tips, you can travel with peace of mind. From spy cameras for home monitoring to window alarms and upgraded locks, The Home Security Superstore has everything you need to protect your home during the holiday season. Contact us today to find out about the DIY home security products that can change the way you think about safety and surveillance. 

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