Preparing for Emergencies – Tools to Help You Get Through an Emergency

Most citizens never give much thought to how they would handle an emergency that would follow a disaster such as a flood, house fire, tornado, hurricane, forest wildfire or any other natural disaster. I mean to be honest, most people have a hard enough time coping with day-to-day problems. Emergency situations that are created by these natural disasters present a whole new set of problems that you may not even think about. Disaster planning and emergency preparedness are a must for most Americans.

A good example is, you count on law enforcement authorities to direct traffic if a light goes out in an intersection. In any one of these emergencies law enforcement personnel are tasked to other higher priority functions and are not available to perform mundane functions such as this. Firefighters, police officers and paramedics become so overwhelmed with requests to handle simple emergencies that they just cannot do it and must rely on citizens to cope.

There is a whole culture of people in the country who stockpile food and water for emergencies and that is the most basic need, without a doubt. But do you know where to shut off your gas and electricity? Or control your utilities to prevent new problems? How about salvation decontamination tips for home and business owners or evacuation tips? Would you be able to set up an emergency sanitation system or seek refuge from an out-of-control fire? Do you have a way of contacting your family and friends when standard communications are out?

This past summer the Waldo Canyon fire struck near Colorado Springs. It destroyed nearly 360 homes. Firefighters and law enforcement officials literally gave close to 30,000 homeowners 15 minutes to get out of their homes. It was so out of control it was absolutely scary. With 15 minutes notice, would you be able to come up with food and water needed for two weeks? That is how long homeowners were out of their homes, if they still had one.

For millions of Americans who live in floodplains in the heartland of the country or who are subject to hurricanes on coastal areas, or for millions who live in the tornado belt of Texas, Oklahoma, and more recently parts of the Southeast, it is not a question of if you will be touched by an emergency caused by a natural disaster but when.

For that very reason it is prudent for those millions of people and virtually everybody to be able to subsist on their own for even a short period of time and have the knowledge of what to do and how to cope with emergencies without the standard support system that would not be in place. Disaster planning and emergency preparedness are a must for most Americans.

Our Emergency Food Kit has 120 servings of food with a 25 year shelf life.

The handbook for disasters by a retired fire captain called Disaster Self Reliance provides critical tips to surviving disaster emergencies.

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