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Preparing for an Emergency – What You Need to Do

Having just gone through an emergency myself this is pretty much a first-hand account of what happens and some of the things that you need to think about in a disaster-just in case.

The fire in Colorado Springs that has devastated close to 17,000 acres and 29 square miles in some of the most beautiful yet rugged landscape in the country has left so far 346 homes in complete destruction, two lives lost and 10 people unaccounted for.

There were close to 30,000 people who were told to evacuate their homes. Many of them as of Friday, June 29, were allowed back in but the vast majority are still homeless. Shelters have been set up all over the city and the outpouring of assistance has been remarkable.

The city of Colorado Springs has been doing emergency planning and disaster planning literally for years. Because we live in a semi-arid climate anyhow a decrease in rainfall can lead to drought conditions. And that is exactly what has happened. The vegetation in the city and the surrounding forests are tinder dry. In the last two years the city and state of Colorado has had on average only 19% of normal precipitation which is just 10 inches of rain a year.

And when you add in windy conditions it further dries out everything. It is no wonder we had a fire. The city has been talking up fire mitigation with homeowners for years and planning for a disaster of this type. One big subdivision was saved through this effort.

Fortunately Colorado Springs has resources to deal with this kind of an emergency-it has been handled in a truly remarkable way. As bad as it is, it could’ve been several times worse.

We are on the south west side of town so were not impacted by anything other than smoky conditions which made breathing very problematic. Compared to others we were very lucky. But it’s probably only a matter time before our time will come.

So we’re doing some emergency preparedness of our own and developing some ideas on what to do and how to do it. When the time comes you may have at most 15 minutes to evacuate. Then is not the time to start thinking about what to do.

The very first thing we will do is develop an Emergency Food Supply that has enough food for four adults for a week. There is another emergency food supply that can feed two adults and four children for 12 months. It also has a 25 year shelf life. The second thing we’re going to do is gather all of our important documents and have them in a fireproof safe that can be left in place because it is fire rated to 1750 degrees and has internal measurements of 14 1/6″ x 19 2/7″ x 6 3/4″.

With that emergency planning we will be safer when, not if, the next disaster strikes.

Secure your valuables in a fireproof Home Safe. It can withstand temperatures of 1750 degrees.

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