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Personal Security-Why Parking Lots Are Prime Locales For Assaults

Several months ago we did some research on where most assaults take place. Parking lots came in a strong second only behind the home-which is where most domestic abuse takes place. In this article we will talk about why parking lots are so popular with the bad guys as a locale for them to do their assaults, mostly on women. And not just commercial parking lots either. Workplace parking lots fall into the same category. If you know this ahead of time, you may be able to take some preventative measures to protect yourself from being a victim.

Here are the main reasons why so many assaults against women occur in parking lots. There are several of them but the main one is that women, when they come out of the grocery store or department store in a mall, are usually distracted with their children, their friends, by talking on a cell phone or just generally not paying attention. Predators know this, see this and use this as an opportunity for an attack.

Starting as early as 4:30 in the afternoon at certain times of the year parking lots are darkened when daylight savings time goes away. Some parking lots are notoriously poorly lit providing further opportunities for predators to assault women.

Another reason is parking lots everywhere are usually so big that depending on the time of day many cars can be isolated. That isolation can lead to a feeling of helplessness for a victim in an attack.

For these reasons and others many stores ask their customers if they want to be escorted out to the car. This is a service that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Furthermore, many stores and malls have hired private security to monitor their parking lots to help improve their customers’ personal safety and personal security.

Women should always carry a nonlethal, self-defense weapons like stun guns and pepper sprays to temporarily disable an assailant. A pepper spray that is on a keychain is our best recommendation for women because that way it is more than likely with you at all times.

When women have finished shopping and are on their way to the car that’s in a parking lot, they should be on a heightened state of alert because parking lots are notoriously prime locales for assaults on women. Ask for an escort to your car by the mall or store staff and always carry a self-defense weapon with you for your personal security.

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