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Pepper Spray-Choices, Choices, Choices

Just about everybody knows about pepper spray and what it can do. Your mail carrier carries one on his belt for his first line defense against dog attacks.

Every law enforcement officer in the country has one on his utility belt as one of his alternatives for subduing assailants.

When it comes to finding a good pepper spray there’s only one place you need to look and that is right here at the HOME OF PEPPER SPRAY CHOICES.

We have pepper sprays from four of the best manufacturers-Fox, Pepper Shot, Streetwise and Mace. Of those four manufacturers there are disbursement methods of a spray, a mist, fogger, foam or gel.

Just about all of the pepper sprays we offer are to be used against human assailants. But we have two for bears and one for dogs. We have disguised pepper sprays with some that look like lipstick containers, some that look like pens, some that look like small batons and one that looks like walking weights. But the favorite one is the one that looks like a Perfume Pepper Spray.

And colors: we have purple, red, green, blue and black and pink. We have pepper sprays in price ranges from $4.95 to $72.95 for a Mace pepper gun. Most prices are in the $9.00 to the $15.00 range.

In short we have a pepper spray for everyone and every need, in every price range.

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