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Not Your Father’s Flashlight

Dads love flashlights.

They’re practical, cost-effective, and can even help in the event of an emergency. This Father’s Day, replace dad’s old, dim flasher with something a little more…high tech? Today’s premium flashlights are so much more than light sticks, and dad deserves the best.

There are dozens of new categories of flashlights to choose from when selecting a Father’s Day gift. Which kind suits your dad best?

Tactical Flashlights

Tactical flashlights are great for a number of situations. They’re specifically designed to deter attacks, and cutting-edge models now offer features like strobe lighting effects, emergency S.O.S. signals, and even ultra-sharp striking points. Guard Dog and Police Force are two of the most trusted names in tactical flashlights.

Ultra-Bright Flashlights

If what dad really needs is closer to a hand-held flood lamp than a flashlight, you’re in luck. The Home Security Superstore carries flashlights up to 4,000 lumens strong, capable of being seen from over 1,000 feet away! Rechargeable super-bright flashlights are handheld and durable, most made from aluminum. Super bright flashlights with multiple light settings are useful for outdoor grilling, camping expeditions, and even finding those long-lost holiday decorations up in the attic!

Kid-Proof Flashlights

Dads hate it when their nice gadgets fall into the hands of destructive kids. Choosing a waterproof flashlight or otherwise impact-resistant model is a great way to ensure the functionality of the light will withstand the test of time. Nightcore, Freedom, and MICRA are a few of the most popular names in super-durable flashlight technology.

Emergency Preparedness Flashlights

Is dad a ‘prepper?’ Even if your dad’s simply concerned about family safety, emergency-ready flashlights are a smart bet. Look for hand crank LED flashlights, flashlight radios, and even penlights that illuminate messaging in the dark if necessary. If your dad’s the type to dot his I’s and cross his T’s, a survival flashlight is a great addition to his arsenal.

Crafting Headlamps

Headlamps aren’t just for cave explorers! If dad’s got a passion for tinkering – under the car, on model airplanes, or in the garden – a headlamp is a thoughtful gift. Hands-free headlamps of today are high-tech: water resistant, adjustable, and brighter than you’d believe. Free up dad’s hands for working on his passion.

This Father’s Day, get dad something he’ll actually use. Adjustable flashlight technology is super affordable and since The Home Security Superstore offers a 90-day money-back guarantee, you can be certain dad will end up with something he’ll love.


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