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Most Popular Pepper Spray Brands

Nobody knows for sure how many brands of pepper spray there are in the world. Most of them never even make it to the United States for one reason or another. There are well over 50 different brands of defensive sprays in the United States and many of those you never heard of. In this article, we will discuss the top three pepper spray brands used by civilians in the U.S. Please note that these are different from the top three brands used by law enforcement agencies.

All law enforcement agencies have discretion in the defensive sprays that they purchase. They look for the same kind of elements that civilians do in terms of effectiveness. Defensive sprays serve the same kind of purpose for police officers as they do for civilians-they provide a nonlethal alternative to the deadly force of a handgun.

Law enforcement agencies choose some brands you may not be familiar with; for example, Bodyguard, DPS, DEF-TEC, and others. For a variety of reasons, most of which are subjective and may be based on a relationship with a distributor or dealer, they look for the effectiveness of the product, the range of the spray and increasingly need to make sure that it is ECD (Taser) compatible. The flammable discharge of a pepper spray when it makes contact with the electrical shock of a taser can cause a fire.

Here are the three most popular brands of defensive sprays used by civilians for their personal safety and personal security.

First on the list is the Mace brand. When many people think of pepper sprays, the first word that comes to mind is Mace and not necessarily the brand name but the generic name of teargas. Mace has been around commercially longer than any other brand of defensive spray. They have excellent safety features including a flip-top cap to access the firing pin. The product itself has a groove finger grip that helps ensure aiming in the proper direction.

The second most popular brand for civilians is Sabre defensive sprays. It just so happens that they are used by the New York Police Department, but civilians love them because they offer what appears to be more shots per ounce than others, making it a better value. Additionally, Sabre defensive sprays have a longer range than an average pepper spray.

Fox labs defensive sprays are very popular for use by civilians because they are so potent. They have perhaps the highest rating of Scoville heat units of any pepper spray available to civilians. They cost a little bit more but are, generally speaking, worth it in terms of protection.

When it comes to nonlethal self-defense products, pepper sprays should be at the top of the list for civilians. They are inexpensive, to begin with, so choosing the best brands won’t cost you more than lesser known brands. After all, we are talking about your personal safety and personal security.

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