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Measuring the Effectiveness of Pepper Sprays: How Hot is Yours?

Pepper sprays or chemical products as weapons have been around literally since ancient Chinese warriors used it back in the day. They used to throw bags of hot spices at their enemies thousands of years ago. Of course chemical weapons were used in World War I and II. So they are nothing new. Only in the last three decades or so have they come into great popularity with civilians.

What started the transition from military to civilian use were tests done by the FBI back in the 1980’s. That’s when they authorized the use of defensive spray as a weapon for their SWAT team members.

Ever since that time the most common way to measure the relative effectiveness of a spray was to measure its hotness, and the most common measure of hotness was Scoville heat units SHU’s. By comparison a habanero pepper, one of the hottest in the world, was 500,000 Scoville heat units. The mildest one that we know of has 2 million Scoville heat units.

But every manufacturer of defensive spray claims that it is the best for this reason or that reason and that it has more Scoville heat units than any other which has led to some conflicting claims and quite frankly conflicting information.

There is an independent lab called Chromotec LLC that tests the heat of the pepper once it’s sprayed out of the canister. This leads to a more accurate reading on how hot pepper sprays are when they actually hit an attacker’s face.

This new certified heat rating or CHR, as it is called, shows that Streetwise brand “23” police strength sprays have a CHR of over 230,000 SHU’s making them approximately 87% hotter than their competition. No one has ever measured sprays this way before.

Streetwise has long been a manufacturer of quality self-defense products so these new Streetwise “23” represent another step in providing quality products that are a step ahead of the competition.

The 23 Hard Shell is a good example. It sells for $8.95 making it one of the cheapest sprays on the market today. It contains enough spray for 6 to 8 one second bursts of up to 7 feet and has a 48 month shelf life. It contains a UV marking dye which has become commonplace to identify assailants after-the-fact.

When you are in the market to buy a pepper spray consider more than just price. The hotness of the pepper spray is extremely important because it basically determines the effectiveness once it hits an assailant’s face. You don’t want any wimpy pepper spray!

Check out all of the other Streetwise 18 and 23 strength pepper sprays. They have 44 of the over 150 pepper sprays on our website. Is it the largest selection of pepper sprays you have ever seen in one place?

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