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Mace Brand Pepper Gel-Ouch!!

Just about everybody has heard of pepper spray and most have heard of pepper foam but not many people of heard of pepper gel. It is better than spray or foam in a couple of respects.

First of all it has a longer range than almost all sprays at 18 feet. It holds up better than spray because it is a much stronger stream. It uses a patent pending formulation with the oleoresin suspended in a gel.

It is nonflammable and sticks like glue. When someone gets sprayed with the Mace Pepper Geltheir first reaction is to try and rub it off of their face. All that does is grind in the pepper making the pain much worse. This 79 gram size has thirteen 1 second bursts. Of course like all Mace products it has a flip top safety for your protection to prevent accidental discharge.

Pepper spray is bad enough but pepper gel is really nasty stuff.

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