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It Pays To Advertise

It Pays To Advertise

We heard Scott Pelley on the CBS evening news recently make the proud announcement that there were only 650 days until the next presidential election. He was being facetious, I know, because that is along ways off. The point he was making was that the infighting and mudslinging has already started. A key part of the mudslinging is the advertising that goes with it.

Media outlets such as television stations, radio and online salivate over all the money they take in for advertising during political campaigns.

Entrepreneur Magazine says that the Purpose of Advertising is “to call the public’s attention to your business, usually for the purpose of selling products or services, through the use of various forms of media, such as print or broadcast notices.”

It provides a direct line of communication to your existing and prospective customers about your product or service. In short it is a way to get a message delivered to thousands if not millions of potential customers.

According to this marketing journal Total Media Spending in the U.S. this year will see its largest increase in a decade of 5.3% to a total of $180.12 billion on the strength of gains in mobile and TV advertising.

We know you are probably asking yourself ‘what does advertising have to do with home security?’ And that is a good question. In this article we will explain why you should do some advertising for your home security.

When we talk about advertising in the home security context, what exactly are we getting at? Certainly not taking out radio and television ads or a full-page spread in the newspaper or even online. Instead we are talking about letting burglars know when they take their first look at your house that it is not to be messed with. How do you do that? You advertise of course.

That could be something as simple as a sign in your front yard that warns of a security system in place or even of a vicious guard dog. The sign with the warning is the advertising. You don’t even need a guard dog or a security system, just the sign will suffice.

One of my favorites is a car bumper sticker for the NRA. Or the old-fashioned sign that says “This Property Is Protected By Smith & Wesson.” They both send a clear message.

When burglars are looking for homes to become their next target, that is exactly the kind of thing they’re looking for. They are looking for easy targets, ones that offer the least resistance, not ones where they’re likely to get caught by a guard dog or a security system.

The process burglars use to scope out easy targets is called “casing.” When they case a neighborhood, they are looking for homes that offer excellent hiding places and no visible sign of a deterrent.

yard warning sigh

We offer a great selection of home security signs. Place this Alarm System Warning Sign in your front yard with the 30″ stake which is included. The durable plastic 10″ x10″ sign is a vibrant red color and is weather resistant.

Please share your experience with yard warning signs. We want to hear your thoughts.

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