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Issues of Domestic Violence – What is Next?

It seems only fitting that this April marks almost 10 years to the day when we first wrote about domestic violence, and every April is sexual assault awareness month across the United States and around the world. Sexual assaults on women happen with alarming frequency in this country and even more frequently in other parts of the world where women are treated only slightly better than farm animals.

Domestic violence and domestic abuse are but one facet of sexual assaults. Close to 25% of all women will experience a sexual assault in her time with a domestic partner. And recently statistics bore out that couples in the LGBT community experienced similar statistics. So no one escapes the violence.

There are a couple of things that have gotten better in the last 10 years. It used to be that there were more animal shelters than there were shelters for women who experienced domestic violence. That has fortunately changed because of a recognition of the damage that it does to the community. Government funding under federal, state and local level continues to be problematic and subject to the vagaries of all government funding.

The other thing that has gotten better is the way law enforcement responds to domestic violence calls. When officers used to get a call for domestic abuse complaint they would treat it with a wink and a nod, rarely taking the time to even write it up. Now there is so much public pressure and so much notoriety on the issue that they pay much more attention to the way these cases are handled.

But women are still faced with the same difficult choices when it comes to domestic abuse. I saw a statistic recently that mentioned that before a woman calls for an official complaint she is beaten on average 35 times. That belies the difficulty that women have in filing a complaint against their domestic partner.

Once a complaint is filed, then the woman needs to decide what is next? Should she seek counseling? Should she develop an escape plan? Where will she go? What about the kids? These are all weighty questions that need to be addressed. But first and foremost, she needs to consider how to defend herself against a sexual assault from a domestic partner.

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