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Is Your Home the Biggest Threat to Your Kids’ Safety?

All parents worry about the safety of their children. The park, daycare, even school – nowhere feels totally safe anymore!

In point of fact, children are more likely to be injured in their own home than anywhere else.

A few home safety hacks can make your children far safer from harm, and they’re neither expensive nor difficult to employ.

Which safety threats are lurking in your home?

Button Batteries

Button batteries, the small, circular-shaped batteries found in remotes and other small electronics, account for over 84% of battery-related emergency room visits. They’re easy to swallow and small children often stick them in their nose or ears, causing them to become lodged. Safely put away all equipment containing button batteries while your children are home, and never allow babies to play with the remote!


Unfortunately, non-related caregivers sometimes pose a physical and/or emotional to children. The best way to prevent people like this access to your child is to fully vet them before they’re allowed in your home unsupervised. Another defense mechanism is to place nanny cams in common areas of the house so you can keep tabs on your children at all times. Check state and local laws for specifics on in-home recording before you place an alarm clock camera, a teddy bear camera, or other hidden recorder in your home.


Every day, over 300 children are treated in US emergency rooms for accidental poisoning. Whether or not you have locked doors, be sure to hide prescription medications, household cleaners, and other potential threats high enough they’re hard to reach for children. Alcohol poisoning is a serious threat among slightly-older children, so using bottle locks on liquor bottles can prevent access.


Home pools are a lot of fun! They’re also very dangerous. Vigilance is required to keep kids away from both in-ground and above-ground pools unsupervised, a task that’s especially hard when there are multiple children to watch. Surrounding the pool with a gate and installing a gate alarm is a good start, and an in-ground pool alarm can provide added protection.

Are your children safe at home? If you’re concerned about it, you’re probably already one step ahead of the curve! Take some time to implement some simple child safety precautions around your house; you’ll have more peace of mind and your kids will thank you.

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