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If You Move You’re Busted

If You Move You’re Busted

The highly respected website called How Stuff Works explains How Motion Sensors Work by telling us that there are basically two types of motion sensors: active and passive.

Active sensors inject energy light microwaves or sound into an environment in order to detect a change of some sort.

Passive sensors, on the other hand, detect infrared energy that already exists in an environment. Human skin temperature is 93°F and radiates infrared energy with a wavelength between 9 and 10 micrometers which is why the sensors typically range from 8 to 12 micrometers.

Wikipedia tells us that Passive Infrared Sensors are “mostly for motion detectors in burglar alarms and automatically activated lighting systems. They sense movement of people, animals or other objects.”

Since they are the most common technique used in motion activated alarms, we thought we would discuss the most popular home burglar alarms that are motion activated.

In our article entitled ‘Simple Steps To Stop The Bad Guys At Your Front Door’ we discuss burglary and several steps that you can take to prevent it.

The article also states “According to a Department of Justice white paper on burglary reported burglaries in the United States have dropped dramatically in recent years declining nearly 32% since 1990. They claim this is due to a better economy, increased use of security devices and more homeowner knowledge on how to prevent burglaries. The white paper also states that despite the decline in burglaries, it is still the second most serious crime in the United States accounting for 18% of all serious crime.”

It is suspected that as many as 50% of all home burglaries are never even reported. Part of the reason for that is the fact that law enforcement does not have the resources, in many cases, to investigate home burglaries. In as many as one third of all burglaries the bad guys do not even have to force their way in. They can just enter through an unlocked door or window-especially basement windows and interior garage doors.

To make matters worse and to encourage more burglars is the sad fact that less than one out of seven or about 14% of all burglaries are ever solved.

Home alarms are one of the best things you can buy for the life and protection of your home. Today’s DIY home alarms are as effective and easy-to-install as anything else you can buy. Affordability and effectiveness are key when it comes to choosing a home alarm.

A burglary occurs in the U.S. every fifteen seconds and each one usually lasts less than ten minutes. Customized alarms can alert you when someone pulls in your driveway, shatters your windows, or even when they detect motion near the back door. And you can install a home alarm yourself in just a couple of minutes!

Driveway Patrol Alarm
Driveway Patrol Alarm

Our most popular motion activated alarm is this advanced alarm called the Driveway Patrol that uses infrared motion detection technology. It has a 400 foot signal range and 30° viewing angle. Motion activation is effective up to 30 feet away. This product is meant to be used outdoors and is completely weather resistant. It is battery-operated and requires no electrical connection.

This HomeSafe brand Door/Driveway Alarm uses wireless motion activated sensors that work over 400 feet away. It can be used as a driveway alert or as a door chime in a home, office, apartment or even in a retail store-in short any place where you need security. The alarm has a high low volume setting and low battery indicator. This product has an alarm/chime/off select switch. It requires no wiring and it is easy to install.

Electronic Watch Dog
Electronic Watch Dog

One of our personal favorites is the barking dog alarm, a.k.a. the Electronic Watchdog that provides 24-hour protection for your home, office or business. It can detect movement through walls doors and glass using a radar like motion sensor. It also detects movement in an open area up to 15 feet away or 10 feet away through walls, doors or glass. It plugs into any standard wall outlet that has a backup system that is battery operated with eight AA batteries. The range and the volume of the barking or chime are adjustable. When motion is detected inside the protected area, the sound of an angry barking dog starts. There is nothing more effective in home burglary prevention than the sound of a barking dog. Burglars just don’t like dogs. The barking dog alarm can be used anywhere you need protection-an office, a warehouse or storage shed. This product has the ability to add up to 16 compatible home safe motion or window door sensors for protection up to 300 feet away through open air.

And finally this inexpensive Door/Window Alarm by U.S. Patrol. Once installed on a window or door an ear-piercing 120 db alarm sounds when a window or door is opened. There is also a panic button that can activate the alarm which installs easily with mounting screws. All hanging hardware is included. This product also has the ability to convert to a two-tone visitor chime.

Take a look at our article entitled ‘The Basics Of Home Security 101’ for more information about securing your home.

We have the widest selection and the lowest prices around on house alarm system equipment including cameras, alarm systems signs and monitoring equipment. We also provide free technical support to aid you in the installation and maintenance of your equipment. Custom home alarm systems are one of the most important investments you could ever make to your home and your family – we want to help you do it right!

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