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How to Protect Your Neighborhood with Police Cutbacks

According to a story that was on the CBS evening news with Scott Pelley recently, “Oakland, California has had a long history of crime related to drugs, gangs and poverty.” According to the report there was a day this past month where four people were shot dead within six hours.

“On any given shift of the city of close to one half million there are only 40 officers on the streets to deal with crime related issues.” All this is due to budgetary cutbacks that reduced the police force from 800 to 600 officers. The bad guys realize this and are taking advantage of a city that is close to being lawless.

It has always been true that the burden of self-defense has fallen on the shoulders of the individual. But when the vice mayor has to wear a bulletproof vest when he goes out on the streets, that sends a pretty strong message to everybody-the streets are not safe!

When ordinary citizens constantly walk in fear of their lives because of gangs something has to be done. And we’re not picking on Oakland, California alone. The scene is replicated in many cities across the country where because of budget cuts the number of police officers has been drastically reduced. The response time to calls for help has been increased if you can get a response at all.

It is a sad day in this country when citizens are this fearful. One of the things that they may want to consider doing is arming themselves with some self-defense products. Tasers are one of the first products that come to mind, but they are very expensive and poverty is rampant in Oakland so not everybody can afford one.

Pepper sprays and stun devices are much more affordable and offer a viable alternative to the deadly force of a handgun in an emergency situation. You can get a pepper spray for under $5, a stun device for under $20 and both are legal in California.

It isn’t just murder that is the crime of choice for these gang bangers. Assaults, robbery, rape, home burglary and home invasion are all in the mix of crimes committed in Oakland and everywhere else. The bad guys know under the best of circumstances that they may not ever get caught. The situation in Oakland is hardly the best of circumstances.

Improve your personal security and personal safety with some self-defense products such as stun guns or pepper sprays. In an emergency situation they may save your life.

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