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Where to Place Home Security Cameras for Optimum Surveillance

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Once you’ve decided to protect your home, you need to learn where to place home security cameras to get the most out of your new purchase. Besides giving you optimum surveillance, knowing where to place your cameras before you buy helps you determine how many you need to purchase to provide the ultimate protection.

Knowing where not to place security cameras is almost as important as knowing the best location. Depending on your local laws, you could find yourself in legal trouble if you inadvertently point your cameras at a neighbor. Follow these guidelines to protect your home and family while also respecting your neighbors’ privacy.

Wireless Hidden Cameras for Home Offer Great Surveillance

Things to Consider When Placing Security Cameras

Before deciding where to place home security cameras, you need to consider a few things first. While there is no correct answer to these questions, answering them for the situation of you and your family can help you decide the best places and techniques for placing your cameras.

Hidden or In-View?

One of the top debates about security cameras is keeping them hidden or having them sitting in plain sight. Several interviews with incarcerated burglars have revealed that some avoid homes with visible security cameras, while others ignored the cameras. However, most of the interviewed burglars fled after hearing a security alarm sound.

With no overwhelming majority, it’s up to you whether you want your cameras out of sight or on the walls. Some families feel more comfortable with them hidden, while others prefer their guests to know they have cameras in view. Learning how to hide a camera takes practice. You may need to try a few places before finding the perfect option. Some of the best places to hide a security camera include under eaves, in a birdhouse, or disguised in planters. 

Outdoor vs. Indoor

When looking at cameras, it’s essential you only place models rated for outdoor use in the elements. Cameras only rated for inside will quickly break, especially if you live in an area prone to heavy windstorms, rain, or snow. If you want to survey the outside of your home, look for outdoor-rated cameras. However, if you live in an apartment and can only have cameras inside, you will only need an indoor option.

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Where to Place Home Security Cameras

Once you’ve decided whether you need outdoor or indoor cameras and whether you want wireless hidden cameras for home or want them in sight, you need to pick the best places to place them. 

The best places to have a camera include:

  • Doors and windows: These are the number one entry points for burglars, so ensure each ground floor window and door is visible from a security camera with night vision.
  • Main areas: If you have a long hallway or main staircase a burglar needs to pass through to enter your home, make sure a camera can see it.
  • Front and back yard: Having eyes on your yard means you can catch a burglar before they get the chance to enter your home. If you have a driveway or a garage, consider having additional covert spy cameras to cover these areas.
  • Second floor: If you keep your high-end jewelry or stamp collection in your bedroom, consider having at least one camera upstairs. 
  • Basement: Especially if your basement has an external entry point, you want to have one camera to catch any burglars. If you don’t store much in the basement, you can skip this step, but, if you have a finished game room or keep older electronics down there, protect them with cameras.
  • Covert Spy Cameras Are Easy to Hide But Difficult to Spot

    Where to Avoid Placing Your Cameras

    Make sure when placing cameras outdoors they don’t capture your neighbors’ property. Depending on the state you live in, you may require permission before recording others. Even if it’s legal, most neighbors will find it intrusive.

    Additionally, keep cameras out of your bedrooms and bathrooms. If you keep expensive items in your bedroom, consider placing your camera in the hallway. Although cameras have extensive security in place, many store videos in the cloud, and you may not want online footage of you showering or sleeping.

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    Get High-Quality Security You Can Rely On

    At The Home Security Superstore, we have a wide variety of surveillance equipment you can count on. From 360° HD motion-activated cameras to night vision security cameras, you can ensure your home has protection 24/7.

    To make your home even more secure, browse our selection of alarms, keyless locks, and self-defense items. 


    1. Should I hide my security cameras?

      Hidden cameras are more discreet, while visible ones could help deter burglars. 

      2. Where should I place security cameras?

        You should have cameras covering your front and back yard, garage, front and back doors, and any ground floor windows. Consider placing a few indoors that cover common areas and main hallways.

        3. Should I have security cameras in my bedroom?

          No. Although you may store valuable items like jewelry in your bedroom, protect your privacy by having your security camera in the hallway outside rather than in your room.

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