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How to Defend Against Sexual Assault on Campus

One study shows that 20 to 25% of all women on a college or university campus will experience rape or attempted rape during their four years there. That is significantly higher than the general population. In this article we will discuss some of the reasons for that phenomenon and discuss how to defend against sexual assault on campus.

Of the over 20 million college students currently enrolled in four-year institutions, a significant number of them will experience sexual trauma. That is one of the reasons why the “Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act” was passed recently and signed by President Obama recently.

The law dictates to universities how they will handle sexual assault, domestic violence and stalking on campus. College women face the highest rates of stalking and nonfatal intimate partner violence of any female group.

College campuses have always struggled with how to handle these issues. “Each campus is its own tight-knit community where victims may fear speaking out, which could lead to the community taking sides.”

“Often it’s easier for people not to believe the victim than to question the perceptions of their friends or classmates.” The power dynamic at schools is particularly difficult too because administrators have a vested interest in keeping the cases of sexual assault low.

In close to 90% of the cases the perpetrator is known by the victim and statistics show that in close to 70% of all cases drug or alcohol are involved. That’s a major contributing factor to the high incidence of sexual assault on campus.

When the “Violence Against Women Act” passed recently a provision provided for changes to universities’ sexual assault policies requiring victims to receive proper information regarding legal assistance, health services and counseling.

Expect the number of cases of sexual assaults reported to jump statistically through the roof because of this new law. Why? Because it provides protection to the victims that was heretofore nonexistent.

The best way for female students to avoid being victims of sexual assault on campus is for them to carry a self-defense product like a stun gun or a pepper spray. This kind of nonlethal self-defense product is very effective at disabling an assailant for up to 45 minutes, allowing the victim time to escape a dangerous situation and seek help. In particular, for female self-defense we recommend a pepper spray that’s on a keychain. That way it is easier to locate in your purse and you’re much more likely to have it with you when you need it, which is just about any time.

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