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How To Be In Two Places At the Same Time

Oh we know, you’re saying that’s impossible. And without some assistance we would agree. But with the help of one of our hidden spy cameras you can be in one place and the eyes of a spy camera can be in another place and you can have access to what the camera sees via remote viewing on any mobile device you own that has Internet capability-just like being in two places at once.

In our article entitled How Hidden Cameras Can Detect The Undectable we explain “the purpose of any hidden camera is to detect and catch people in the act of doing things they shouldn’t be doing. Hidden cameras are common products that people are used to seeing on an everyday basis that have a pinhole camera and a DVR inside. The more common the product that houses the camera and DVR the better. The most common examples are clock radios, wall clocks and teddy bears.”

In another article entitled Is There A Hidden Spy Camera In Your Future? we explain the top uses which are as a nanny camera, for home security, business security, to catch Infidelity and to catch elder abuse or child abuse in the act.

One of our more popular models is this Wall Clock WiFi Spy Camera that is an elegant looking wall clock with a Wi-Fi spy camera inside. It has a 3.8 mm lens that has 75° viewing angle and a range up to 300 feet. It has motion activated, scheduled, power up or continuous recording modes. It works on Internet Explorer or most other standard browsers. The included software can connect up to 32 cameras on any one PC. It is meant for indoor use. All video is time stamped for easy retrieval.

Our Teddy Bear Spy Camera is the perfect nanny camera because no one would suspect they were being recorded by this cuddly teddy bear that has 62° viewing angle. You can install the software on a dedicated PC with an Internet connection to view video remotely on your smartphone. The extreme life teddy bear comes with a quad LCD receiver, remote view software, remote control and USB and RCA cables.

One of our customer favorite models we carry is this SONY WiFi Alarm Clock Spy Camera shown above which is a popular digital clock radio made by Sony that has a pinhole 3.8 mm lens inside that has a viewing angle of 75° and a range of 300 feet. Everything is powered by a typical 120 V AC power outlet but it has a built-in battery for power backup. Multiple users can use passwords for security. All video is time/date stamped. It features motion activated recording. The Wi-Fi connectivity enables you to view video on all devices that have Internet capability including iPhones, tablets, android and others.

In our article ‘How Hidden Cameras Can Detect The Undectable’ we describe how hidden cameras enable you to catch unspeakable crimes of elder abuse and child abuse when you cannot be there in person.

For those who feel technically challenged we offer technical support on all of our products for installation assistance or problems should they arise.

Have you ever used a hidden camera to catch people doing things they shouldn’t be doing? Please share your experience. We want to hear your thoughts.

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