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How Motion Activated Alarms Can Protect Your Home

To anyone who is in law enforcement or the home security business, it is absolutely no surprise that home burglary is so popular. Why? The main two reasons are: high reward and low risk. Let us explain!

A home burglary is committed every 13 seconds in the United States. That’s over 2 million home burglaries that are reported every year. Nearly 30% of them happen through unlocked doors and windows. So homeowners make it very easy for the bad guys to get in.

Once they are inside a house they spend an average of 10 minutes, according to police statistics, searching for items of value. In that 10 minutes they steal over $2,000 worth of goods. So it’s a very lucrative endeavor for the bad guys. The icing on the cake is that less than 15% of home burglaries ever get solved with the perpetrator being identified and arrested.

Those are some of the reasons why the home security industry is one of the fastest-growing business segments of our economy rapidly approaching $85 billion a year. Burglar alarms are a key part of that industry, with motion activated alarms leading the way.

The most common type of motion activated alarm is a passive infrared system also known as PIR. These are sensors that are sensitive to the temperature of the human body. Humans have a skin temperature of about 93

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