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Hot New Self-Defense Product Tales

Hot New Self-Defense Product Tales

One of the first articles we did on how people used self-defense products in their daily lives was entitled Amazing Self-Defense Stories. In that article we explained “every day across the United States and throughout the world, self-defense products are the main legal way that people use a nonlethal tool to defend themselves. Not everybody is comfortable with using a handgun in just about any assault situation. As a matter of fact, handguns are not even appropriate in close to 95% of assaults.”

Today we are expanding on that theme and relating more tales of how ordinary people use pepper sprays to defend themselves.

The first story comes from Denver, Colorado where a Lyft Driver uses a pepper spray on a passenger. It seems his fare got into an argument with another passenger and the driver ordered him out of the car. The situation escalates with the passenger refusing to leave. After a heated discussion the driver pepper sprays the passenger. That driver is now being investigated by Lyft who has had no weapons policy for their drivers including pepper spray.

BTW Lyft is an Uber knockoff that uses drivers whose backgrounds have been checked and offers much cheaper rates than a taxi service. From their website “take Lyft for a welcoming, affordable, and memorable ride. Request a ride in the Lyft app, and get picked up by a reliable community driver in minutes.” You pay using your smartphone so no actual money changes hands.

In Los Angeles an Uber Driver pepper sprayed his passenger who happened to be a drunk Taco Bell executive and was assaulting the driver. The driver acted in self-defense.

In this story readers are encouraged to write in and Ask The Sheriff who provides a written answer.

The first question is from a reader who is not comfortable carrying a firearm and wants to know if the sheriff has any advice. This is a quote from the newspaper article from the sheriff.

His answer: “Although I am a strong advocate for a citizen’s right to own and possess firearms, I also support the right of people not to own and possess firearms, if they so choose.

One of the ways that a person can obtain knowledge and skills for self-defense is to learn and be proficient in some form of martial arts. There are a variety of local businesses in the area with different arts to choose from.

Of course, any of this training requires that you are in good physical shape and conditioning thereby limiting some readers of this column.

The most effective less-than-lethal tool on the market for civilians is pepper spray, also known as OC Spray (which is short for the official name of Oleoresin Capsicum). In the early 1990s he brought pepper spray to Elkhart County law enforcement and initially trained the officers. Today, pepper spray continues to be a viable use-of-force option for police officers in the area.

Pepper spray can be purchased online, at most local gun stores, or even at larger retail establishments in the area. I recommend the cone-shaped spray pattern as opposed to the stream pattern for more effective results.

Pepper spray has its advantages over such tools as a baseball bat, knife or brass knuckles. With pepper spray you don’t have to get close to the assailant. You can spray from 4 to 6 feet away, whereas other tools will require you to have physical contact with the suspect. Pepper spray may not be best tool when the attacker has a firearm, as they may still be able to shoot you.

To use pepper spray, merely spray it into the face (eyes, ears and nose) of the assailant. Pepper spray, is a severe irritant that provides a burning sensation, inflames the mucous membranes and causes the eyes of the suspect to involuntarily close. The minor inflammation gives the attacker the impression that they are choking or cannot breathe, although it does not close off the airway. With the eyes and respiratory irritation, it typically takes the fight out of the aggressive person, allowing you to flee or call 911. Unlike CS or CN gas (typically applied in a military setting), pepper spray is safe and has never been known to cause injury or death.”

In another story we did that asks the question about Whose Job Is It to Protect You And Your Family? we concluded that it was wishful thinking for police to do it because they don’t have the resources.

“When it comes to protecting your home and preventing burglary from happening or protecting you or a member of your family from an assault, that job rests squarely on your shoulders. The police department has its hands full just in catching the bad guys. It has gotten so bad in some communities that they do not even have the manpower to investigate burglary. That, in part, is the reason why so few burglaries, 14%, are ever solved. There is no way in the world that they can prevent crime from happening. So whose job is it? YOURS!”

This Guard Dog Brand Hornet Stun Gun measures 4″ tall x 1.20″ wide x .60″ deep and weighs only 2 ounces. It is the world’s smallest stun gun but matches the strength of most full size models with 6 million volts of electricity. It has a rubberized handle that provides a nonslip grip for stronger retention. It has a built-in plug that slides out from the device and inserts directly into an outlet to recharge. It has a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty-a testament to the quality of the product.

Have you ever used a self-defense product for your own protection? Please share you experience so that others may gain from it!

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