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Home Security-Two New Ways To Help Reduce Burglary

Recently we saw two articles that caught our attention in regards to home security. They involve two new ways to reduce home burglary.

The first one was how a hidden camera caught a burglar in the act of breaking into a home. The video from the camera helped police capture the burglar. You don’t usually hear about a hidden camera getting this kind of video but rather a home security camera-two entirely different things.

Using a hidden camera in this manner presents a small problem. One of the major deterrents to using any kind of camera is to send a signal to the bad guys to stay away. If you use a hidden camera, that message doesn’t get sent causing you to lose the effectiveness of having a camera. That is just our opinion however.

The second article was about a group of residents who were fed up with home burglaries and decided to fight back by partnering with law enforcement agencies, employing a mix of neighborhood watch groups and teams of police volunteers sometimes using upgraded technology to catch criminals.

The results speak for themselves with burglaries down anywhere from 3% to 41% in the three communities participating.

“It’s been about people working more in unison with police.”

Local police departments have worked with neighborhood watch captains and given tips on what to say to dispatchers so they report crimes more efficiently and accurately. This results in getting officers to crime scenes more quickly.

The police have resorted to using a database of public and private surveillance cameras citywide so that, whenever a burglary occurs, detectives can ask the nearest camera-system owner to share their footage.

Those watch groups have emerged as the department’s eyes and ears on the street.

There is also a group of 50 volunteers donating their time to: a graffiti removal program; interviewing witnesses in minor crimes; checking on vacationer’s homes and taking on clerical duties. This frees up officers’ time to do their main job – catch the bad guys.

A new records management system allows officers to write reports and do other administrative work much more quickly than before, which frees officers to patrol the streets and follow up on tips. This also has reduced response times making residents more likely to contact police when they see a crime.

It is an excellent example of what neighborhood watch can do. It gives the community a sense of ownership of their own neighborhoods helping make the police more effective at doing their jobs.

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