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Home Security – The Top Four Most Popular Home Security Gadgets

Home burglary is an equal opportunity crime. It knows no bounds to race, creed, political affiliation or gender. You can be rich or you can be poor; you can live in a good neighborhood, a great neighborhood or a slum-it just doesn’t make any difference. Home burglars strike anywhere. Home burglary is at the top of the list when it comes to property crimes, mostly because it is so easy to do. Homeowners make it that way by leaving their doors and windows unsecured in well over 50% of all home burglaries.

That is why the home security industry has become so big, not just because of the security systems but the home security devices that are on the market today. Of all the thousands of products from hundreds of manufacturers available today that are geared towards improving your home security four of them stand out as being the most popular.

Smart burglars “case” a neighborhood for easy targets. They are looking for external signs from homeowners that the home is protected in some way. These are the homes the burglars choose to stay away from. One of those external signs are CCTV warning sticker decals that go on the inside of windows. They read “Warning: These premises are protected by CCTV video surveillance.” Aside from a barking dog burglars don’t want to mess with surveillance or security cameras. These decals send a signal to the burglar to stay away and even though they seem innocuous they’re very good.

The second product is a pack of mini magnetic contacts alarms. These three position home alarms install quickly and can be used on a door or window. When the sensor is broken a 90 dB alarm sounds. It is one of the most effective home alarms in the marketplace today and as a bonus it’s less than $10.

Security cameras are a great deterrent for home burglary. Any burglar or policeman will tell you that. But a lot of people can’t afford a regular security camera. So they look for a fake security camera. There is one that is a weatherproof bullet camera that has multiple infrared LEDs. There is a blinking red light that is on 24/7. It can be used indoors or outdoors. No wiring is needed because it is battery-operated. It comes with all mounting hardware and uses an authentic CCTV video cable. This is virtually impossible to tell from the real thing.

The fourth home security gadget that works very well is the super doorstop wedge alarm that blocks the door from opening. If someone tries to force their way in, the 125 dB alarm sounds. This is the perfect home security gadget for an apartment, hotel room, dorm room or for your front door.

Those are four of the most popular home security gadgets that can improve your home security and they are inexpensive so there’s no reason not to get two or more of them.

The super Door Stop Alarm works in hotel, dorm and apartments too.

This Fake Security Camera is hard to tell from a more expensive real one.

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