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Home Security: Motion Activated Spy Cameras-Top Consumers’ Choice Favorites

Of all the home security products in the market today, and there are lots of them, there is no argument about what is the most popular type of spy camera-motion activated spy cameras. They are by far the consumers’ choice for the most effective hidden cameras.
Here we will discuss the top three consumers’ choice home security motion activated spy cameras so you can get an idea of what they’re capable of doing and how they might be able to help you in your home’s security.

You probably already know that spy cameras are meant to catch people doing things they shouldn’t be doing-with their hands in the cookie jar so to speak! They are pinhole cameras usually accompanied by a DVR, hidden inside popular household products such as clocks, small appliances or anything else that is so innocuous no one would pay attention to it.

They can be used for a variety of purposes including home security, as a nanny camera, to catch elder abuse in a nursing home, to catch employees cheating at a business or to catch marital infidelity.

Here are the most popular consumers’ choice spy cameras that we carry.

  1. The first one is a very sophisticated spy camera that looks like a PIR Motion Sensor that records in high definition with night vision up to 26 feet away. The infrared motion detector senses even the most miniscule of movements. All video has a date and time stamp for easy retrieval. It will support up to 32 GB SD card. The unit comes with a remote control, AV cables for viewing the picture directly on a TV and a USB cable for downloading the video to your computer. It also comes with mounting hardware for easy installation.
  2. The second popular motion activated spy camera is this Digital Alarm Clock it features motion activated or push button recording. It can be set to record audio only or audio and video. With the included software driver, it can be used as a WebCam. It can be recharged with the included USB cable. The remote control can be used up to 60 feet away.
  3. And the third popular spy camera that has a motion activated feature is this Xtreme Life Electrical Box Camera that can be used outdoors and works up to one year in standby mode on a single battery charge. It is perfect for places that do not have power or where you do not want to run wires. It has applications for home and business security such as a loading dock or warehouse monitoring. It comes with a 2 GB SD card but will support up to a 16 GB card. Two sets of RCA cables and a remote control are also included.
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