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Home Security – How To Protect Your Valuables: Two Innovative Ideas

Home burglaries have increased so much in the last year that many police officials theorize that the reason is because of the bad economy. So many people have become desperate because they can’t find a job that they have turned to high-reward low-risk crime such as home burglary. Statistics show that one of every six homes will be burgled this year.

A burglar who knows what he is doing can burglarize five or six homes in a morning and get enough goods that are sufficiently easy to pawn to make it worth the risk.

When burglars scout neighborhoods looking for easy targets one of the things they look for are security cameras. However security cameras are not a surefire way of stopping a burglar, because to be quite honest they are not the sharpest knives in the drawer. There’s many a surveillance camera showing burglars breaking into a home.

A home security camera gives a burglar pause and makes him think twice about invading a home. Especially if he is a rookie he doesn’t want to get caught. But even seasoned veterans of burglary will think twice about burglarizing a home with surveillance cameras outside.

Once a burglar gets into a home statistics show that he will spend no more than five or 10 minutes looking for the things that he wants which are usually cash, credit cards, jewelry, handguns or other objects that are easy to carry and more importantly, easy to pawn.

Here are two ways to protect your valuables from home burglary.

First is with some kind of safe. The least expensive kind are what are called diversion safes. They are common objects that people see all the time and don’t think twice about them. They are hollowed out and contain compartments to hold valuables. Some of the more common ones are book safes or can safes. The object is then weighted down to give it a feel of the real thing. So for example, a 7-Up can of soda will have a hollowed out space to hide valuables and be weighted down to give it realistic.

The second way to prevent a home burglary and thus protect your valuables is with a Home Security Camera that sends a clear signal to burglars who are scouting the neighborhood to stay away from your home or else risk getting caught.

Those are two good ways to protect your valuables from a home burglary.

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