Home Security – How to Prevent Home Invasion Through Signage

Signs are one of the most effective ways of advertising. That is why there are so many signs and sign companies in the U.S. One study showed that companies will spend close to $440 billion in advertising this year, up over 5% from last year. And even though online advertising is king by a large margin, all categories of advertising are increasing including outdoor signs.

Some people say that the only purpose of advertising is to sell a product. If you broaden that idea a little bit to include selling ideas, that would be a better description. Advertising is used to inform and raise awareness of a product or concept. When someone pays for advertising their intent is to get you to do something such as buy a product, vote for a candidate or whatever, but the advertiser wants you to do something.

It is no different with home security signs. When a homeowner puts up a home security sign of any kind, he is actually advertising to burglars telling them to stay away from his property.

Home burglary may appear to be a random act but let me assure you that it isn’t. Burglars may not be the sharpest knives in the drawer but they do not pick homes at random for their work. They choose their targets based on perceived weaknesses. If they drive by a home a few times and see the garage door open, that would be a potential target. If they see hiding places around lower-level windows, that will give them good cover for an illegal entry.

If they saw a dog running around the front yard, they would know the home has a dog and that they should stay away. Burglars can’t stand dogs and will avoid them at all costs. The same is true with motion activated spotlights or security cameras. If a burglar sees these items on a home that house is less likely to be a target of a burglary.

So in a way you could say that these are all forms of advertising. They are sending a big time message to the burglar that either this home is a good target or it isn’t.

With nearly one out of six homes, on average, the target of burglary, homeowners need all the help they can get. One easy way to advertise to burglars is to get some home security signs.

There is a Home Security Sign that is more effective than most others because it is mounted on a stake you can put in your front yard so it is easily visible from street level. But all signs send a clear message to the bad guys-stay away!

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