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Home Security – How To Prevent Burglary By Stopping Invaders At Your Front Door

Recently in Colorado Springs there has been a rash of burglaries that were directly tied to people who had false identities who were either entering homes or roaming around neighborhoods. These people were dressed as security guards, Comcast workers and utility workers.

In one instance a man with a name tag on his shirt approached the house and asked the senior citizen to gain entry so he could check the water pressure. The unsuspecting senior let the man in and two days later their house was burglarized, presumably by the same guy.

In another instance, a man wearing a shirt with a Comcast label on it gained entry into the house to check on the TV wiring. In another case, a man wearing an official looking uniform with a badge was walking around the neighborhood looking at homes and acting suspiciously.

All this brings up a point which was reinforced at a recent neighborhood watch meeting-never, repeat, never let anybody into your house unless you know who they are and why they are there. Once you open the door even an inch to someone, it’s easy for them to force their way in.

Home invasions start this way with the bad guys getting into your house by hook or crook and forcing their will on the occupants. We learned in a neighborhood watch meeting that a home invasion usually involves other issues besides home burglary and frequently one issue is drugs.

When someone rings your doorbell or knocks on your door, do not reflexively open it like I used to. Instead, use your peephole to see who’s there. Ask for their identification, and look to see if there is a utility truck with the name of the company on it parked outside. If not and they haven’t convinced you of who they are do not, repeat, do not let them in.

Be suspicious of official looking workmen showing up unannounced without an appointment. That should raise a red flag and send hairs on the back your neck standing straight up.

It is too bad, but it seems like seniors especially are targets of this kind of scam because they are much more trusting and more likely to be at home than their younger neighbors.

We always recommend that you have some self-defense products scattered around your house and definitely one by your front door. They can be a good line of self-defense for you and your family.

The Pepper Shot Tri Pack Spray has a 2 ounce spray with a wall mount to place by your front door.

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