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Home Security Gadgets-Improving Your Home Security

There are lots of tools that homeowners can buy to improve their home security. Window alarms, door alarms, signage for your front yard, dummy security cameras, doorstop alarms, key safes, biometric fingerprint padlocks and much more all to improve your home security.

The one of the most effective tool get is the Video Patrol Spy Camera with DVR.

It looks just like an air freshener but has motion activated infrared sensor that can record video or still photos when activated. It is silent and undetectable. It comes with a warning sticker and includes a 2 GB SD memory card, mounting hardware and USB cable. It has a range of 23 feet but will not record in darkness or low-light conditions.

The Video Patrol Spy Camera is really meant for situational recording not constant monitoring. It can safeguard your home and property. It is weather resistant and is designed for years of trouble free use. Photos and videos are stamped with a date and time for legal documentation. It can monitor your driveway and even get license plate numbers.

We have several other Home Security Gadgets that can help make your home more secure. Check them out.

Feedback on these posts is appreciated. Have you used another home security gadgets? Please share your experience. We want to hear your thoughts.

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