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Home Security – Four New Concealed Spy Cameras To Keep You Informed Even When You’re Out

No one has been able to quite figure out how to be in two places at once. Physicists tell us that it’s just impossible, unless you have a hidden spy camera at one location where you can actually watch what’s going on at that location while you’re in another location-two places at once. Magic!

Maybe you’ve been in a situation where you’ve hired a babysitter or nanny and you and your spouse are going out for the first time in months. You have that anxiety level of what’s going on back at your house with the baby. Or you know one of your employees is stealing from you but you can’t quite catch them. Do you need to be away from the business occasionally and you’re afraid that they’re running wild. Or you are married and your spouse is cheating on you but you just haven’t been able to catch him/her. Or your boyfriend is cheating on you and you can’t catch him at it.

Here are some ways you can keep an eye on things when you can’t be there using four new spy cameras that can help with home security.

The first is a fully functional alarm clock radio with the time projection display and a hidden camera. It has low lux light night vision recording capabilities and Wi-Fi data transmission for remote viewing over the Internet. It features two-way talk back audio perfect for baby monitoring. This is the ultimate nanny camera allowing you to see what’s going on at your home when you’re at work.

The six outlet multiplier DVR hidden camera requires no batteries. You just plug it into a standard wall outlet and it activates the 3.7 mm wide-angle lens and the DVR to record the video. It has motion activated or scheduled recording, area masking and embedded date/time stamping. It does not function as an electrical outlet but sure looks like one.

A fully functional good-looking banded wall clock actually has a covert spy camera and a DVR inside. The 3.7 mm lens is more than enough to cover a standard size room. The remote control capability allows you to aim the camera clock in the direction you want to record and use the remote control to begin recording.

A tower fan with multiple settings makes for the perfect home for a spy camera with a DVR. You see these tower fans in practically any office or business so no one would suspect they are being recorded.

Those are four ways you can keep an eye on things when you can’t be there using new spy cameras.

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