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Home Security – Effective Features Of A Driveway Alert System

One of the more unusual home security devices is the driveway alert. There is one in the market place today that sounds an alert signal when someone drives over a rubber hose that stretches across the driveway. The signal can be sent up to 600 feet away.

The kit that comes with it includes a receiver inside the house that can accept up to four zones, each with its own distinctive musical chime. It also has a durable, weatherproof transmitter and a flush mounting bracket for the transmitter so it can be mounted on a tree or a wall. The transmitter can operate in temperature ranges from -32° to plus 120°.

The driveway alert is an effective addition to your home security program. It is meant to be a stand-alone product. But there are several other products that go with it as add-ons.

For example, you can add up to three additional sensors that have 25 feet of rubber hose that can be attached to it. These additional sensors give you amazing capability in terms of coverage.

Then another accessory that many people find helpful is a loud ringing bell. It provides security any time a vehicle enters or leaves the driveway. It is similar to a fire bell or a school bell and can be used indoors or outdoors.

Similar to the ringing bell is a siren that lets you know when the driveway alert has been triggered. It is similar to a police siren and can be used inside or outside and is especially popular with people who have hearing problems.

Another popular add-on accessory for the driveway alert is a birdhouse that slides over the top of the alert sensor to conceal it. It is made out of solid wood and is stained brown in color or you can paint it another color. It has pre-drilled holes so it makes attaching it to a tree a snap.

And finally one of the most useful of all products is an alert light/timer control that is activated by the driveway alert. It turns on lights for a desired number of minutes and then shuts automatically them off. The timer control when activated is normally used for security reasons. It can turn on the lights and can be set to stay on for 2, 5 or 10 minutes and then shuts off automatically. The control unit has an on off switch so you can disarm it easily.

The Ringing Bell Alert sounds indoors or outdoors when a vehicle is coming.

The Driveway Alert Kit can send a signal up to 600 feet away.

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