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Home Security – Do You Really Need A Safe Deposit Box For Your Home?

It seems like every day we read about home burglaries in which large amounts of cash, handguns, jewelry and other valuables are stolen. Several weeks ago, the one that caught my attention was a story about a burglar who stole $80,000 in cash and jewelry out of a home. Why would someone keep that amount of valuable property in a home without it being in a safe of some kind?

But such is human nature. There is just way too much of “it will never happen to me” going around. The fact of the matter is more than likely it will happen to you. What are we talking about? Home burglary!

If it weren’t for the fact that one out of six homes on an annual basis is a victim of home burglary and that close to $2000 worth of goods on average is taken from the home, the home security business wouldn’t be a $60 billion a year enterprise. But hoping that people will be honest is a wasted exercise.

So the big question is do you really need a safe? It is clear to me that not everybody needs a home security safe to improve their home security and protect valuables.

The prime targets of burglars, when they are doing their work, are cash or things that are easily converted into cash. Jewelry, rifles, handguns, and even securities fall into that category. But recently, identity theft has become a huge crime and can make thousands of dollars for someone who gets the right credit card or personal information on someone.

200 million Americans own handguns or hunting rifles. It is no secret that handguns and rifles are prime targets of home burglars. They fetch top dollar in the black market for resale. So having a gun safe makes a whole lot of sense for those folks who own handguns or rifles.

Do you keep any amount of cash around your home? Surprisingly, many people do but that amount varies. How about credit cards? Do you keep your credit cards at your house or are they with you all the time?

And jewelry? Do you keep any amount of jewelry around the home? Or how about securities such as stocks and bonds; bearer bonds are as good as cash. A checkbook in the hands of a burglar can cost you thousands of dollars.

So in a nutshell not everybody needs a home security safe; but if you have cash, credit cards, bonds, stocks, jewelry and guns or rifles, or anything else that could be easily converted into cash lying around your house you’re foolish for not have a safe to improve your home security and protect valuables.

Our High Security Safe can protect your valuables against fire and theft in a burglary.

The Republic 45 Rifle Safe can secure and store 45 rifles and much more.

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